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  1. New Seat Covers Installed!

    They have velcro in the aibag portion
  2. New Seat Covers Installed!

    Hi Guys: I just installed today my seat covers made by a local cover maker company, since I was the first one, they used my truck to create the design and they only charge me $30!!!. They look amazing.
  3. Tailgate soft close fix

    Hi, I installed my tailgate assist with the damper in the upper side and the arm to the bottom, I noticed you installed it the other way, maybe that's why you were having the issue, Mine is working fine after 2 months of use.
  4. OEM Ford Hard Tonneau Rollup cover impressions needed

    Hello Guys: Has anyone here installed the Ford OEM hard rollup tonneau cover? I'm deciding between the OEM and the BAK 4xs and want to hear some feedback for the oem. Thanks
  5. Lasfit LED Exterior Lighting. 🌞

    Ordered mine, thanks for the info.
  6. A Detailers Maverick Experience: Thin Paint, Ceramic Coating, Etc.

    Mine was done by a pro with Onyx Graphene product. I did the first wash and was very easy and look amazing.
  7. Exterior black plastic panels fading from sunlight?

    Mine have Onyx Graphene coating since new, no issues and easy to wash and maintain.
  8. SOLVED: Center Console Organizer Tray

    Just ordered mine too. Let see how it goes!
  9. Cheap auto-dimming, homelink mirror

    I can open mine about 40 to 50 feet away, not a big issue for me, both motors are old maybe is an antenna issue.
  10. Cheap auto-dimming, homelink mirror

    Installed mine this weekend, very easy with the instructions here, I already configure 2 gates beepers without issues. Thanks
  11. Cheap auto-dimming, homelink mirror

    I got mine today, I'll be installing it next weekend.
  12. Is this noise normal/acceptable?

    Mine do the same noise when started in the morning or after a good period off, after a couple of minutes once the motor gets warmer the sound decrease.
  13. The New Toy!

    The New Toy!