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  1. Best Accessories?

    I have an XLT hybrid. The only accessory is the bed liner tray. Thinking of adding to it. What accessories do you all love/enjoy on your maverick?
  2. Backup Camera Lag / Freezes?

    Anyone else notice their backup camera freeze, then jump to real-time when backing up? Mine consistently is glitchy in this way. You definitely don’t want to depend on it if getting close to something. Not sure if just mine, or all mavericks’ cameras having buffering.
  3. Ford Isn’t So Bad

    Just wanted to post this to counter all the negative posts. In my opinion Ford is doing a good job. I’m grateful they are making the Maverick now that so many trucks have grown in size and price. This is my first Ford, and it has left me with appreciation of the brand as a whole.
  4. Bolt type/size for bed tie downs

    Sorry if this has already been answered, but i couldn’t find it on here. I am looking for bolt type for loops that are in the floor of bed.
  5. Rear plate held on by two or 4 bolts?

    Hey guys, Is the rear plate held on by two or 4 bolts? Mine only came with 2 and the plate’s bottom just hangs out in mid air, not sitting flush with the bumper. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. For all you Ecoboost owners out there:

    Just going to leave this here:
  7. Unable to buy Bed Liner Accessories

    I finally have my Ford Points to purchase a drop-in bedliner or bed tray, but the dealer said they cannot order one at this time. Anyone have any luck?
  8. Transport Mode?

    Hey all, I know Shmee150 had suspension blocks/spacers in his shocks from transport mode when he took delivery of his Mustang GT500. The dealer forgot to remove them and his car had little to no suspension travel/harsh ride until he figured it out. Anyone know if Maverick came with such...
  9. Oklahoma Hybrid Built! Anyone else in OK?

    Received my email that my hybrid XLT has been built and will arrive est Jan 3-9 in Tulsa, OK dealer. Anyone else on here in OK?
  10. Future State of Buying Cars

    Found this video highlights what we are seeing and will probably see moving forward:
  11. Ride Quality Inquiry… rough, harsh or choppy?

    Hey all, I’ve heard reviews talk about Maverick having a rough suspension / ride quality. Is this true? I know it isn’t a luxury car, but curious if it is harsh or choppy like an a cheap-o car.
  12. Habitat Demographic Survey - Apartment vs House

    Posting this survey, because based on Ford’s videos and photos, Ford marketing portrays the Maverick as a truck for young women (and a few men) living in dense cities (more than likely renting apartments) with hipster hobbies. I feel the majority of buyers live in suburbs, are men, and are...
  13. Blind Spot Mirror - XLT spotter mirror

    Hey all, When I ordered my Maverick XLT the literature Ford had out on the Maverick mentioned that the XLT came with the Ford small wide-view blind spot mirror (small quarter mirror inside your main side mirrors). Because of this, I didn’t add blind-spot monitoring, as my Ram had a similar...
  14. Maverick is shorter than posted specs?

    From the specs I’ve seen, the Maverick is 2” taller than the Santa Cruz; however, upon seeing an FX4 in person, it seemed really short. On paper it should be the same height as my wife’s SUV, but I could easily see over the roof, which I cannot do with her SUV. Today I saw a Santa Cruz, which...
  15. Active Grille Shutters?

    Hey all, Does the hybrid Maverick have active grille shutters? I can’t find this info on Ford spec website. My Ram with 5.7 had it, and I would find it odd if a truck like the hybrid Maverick wouldn’t, seeing how it helps fuel economy with aerodynamic improvements.
  16. XLT has the worst upper fake vent grille?

    Am I the only one who feels the XLT got the worst upper front grille treatment of the trims? The XL and Lariat fake upper grills match/mimic the lower portion much better in my opinion. The XLT upper is too shallow and just looks cheap to me. Almost makes me wish I had gone with an XL (if not...
  17. Under seat Storage in XL

    So it almost looks like the XL 2.0 doesn’t come with under seat storage as standard:
  18. My Nov 22 Hybrid build date pushed to Dec build

    My Nov 22 build date just got pushed back: