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  1. XLT Keyfob Distance?

    Hey All been having issues with the keyfob distance being unreasonably short. Like, within 60 feet not reacting, short. So does anyone have a diagram or know where the antenna on this thing is installed? Has to be loose or up against something blocking signals cause WOWEE I basically need to...
  2. Motor Biscuit's 3 Reason To NOT Buy a Maverick....What Do You Think? Curious on MTC's thoughts on this article. For me none of the downsides were downsides, just "limitations" that a traditional truck wouldn't have given their higher price and larger footprint.
  3. Bluetooth and Android Auto Ticking Audio

    Hey y'all search function failed me on "ticking audio" and assorted keywords but today I noticed my dash panel, driver side, started ticking during Bluetooth or Android auto audio. When playing direct radio it goes away. Audio volume seems to not matter, anyone else experience this and have a...
  4. 4k Tow: is Aftermarket Eventually an Option?

    Hey y'all, got a meeting tomorrow with a dealer for the above sticker, noticing that it's AWD w/o the 4k towing package. My question is what's the over/under on adding the 4k tow package afterwards? I'd like to add, down the road, some or all of these features, excluding the tires. Are any of...
  5. Buyer Dropped Out, XLT 4K FX4 Lux Good Pricing?

    Hey all, just got a call on a Maverick that buyer Dropped on. Trying to figure out how they got to 39200 and if that's a decent price or nutso dealer markup?