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  1. ADM fatigue may have finally occurred.

    Perhaps the current purchase climate is changing seasons.
  2. XL Power Mirror without CP-360?

    Has anyone retro-installed power mirrors on an XL? Just about to drop the CP 360... I'm a heavy mirror user...don't like back-up cameras.
  3. Mav Charity Drawing

    Excellent organization...I've donated for years.
  4. Breezer Window?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Breezer removable rear glass replacement?
  5. 2003 Ranger vs. 2022 Maverick by Truck King

    2003 Ranger vs. 2022 Maverick
  6. My reservations, orders, and purchases @ FORD ?????

    I attempted search first... But I'm still learning how an alarm clock works. My reservation showed up for an elusive Lightning, bot the ordered Maverick isn't hitting the main page account. Any thoughts? Or suggestions? .
  7. Selling my Fiesta ST

    It's been a while since I sold a vehicle online or print — 20+ years ago, actually. Where do you folks recommend? Thanks!
  8. Hybrid Lariat (Area 51) - Available Central North Carolina

    The Maverick was due at dealership on January 11th...should arrive any moment. Honoring MSRP per phone call. DM for contact info...not sure if we can post that in a thread or not.
  9. Bed Pass—Through, threw, thru?

    MEDS, what meds? cRazy? My Alien friends :alien:have repeatedly tested parts of me. Results pending invasion............right after last Mav Hybrid order is delivered.🛸 Have you thought about making a pass-through in the Maverick's bed? ~10"x10" ? 12"x12" or whatever? NO? STOP NOW...
  10. Salesperson says there is no record of my order

    Salesperson says there is no record of my order, and that it is delayed due to dust being airborne. I never ordered a maverick. My favorite color is airplane. —posterior wisdom—
  11. Local Dealership Maverick Discounted $497.00*

    A local dealership is giving a $497 discount on their $7,497 markup of a FWD Maverick. Think any fish will bite their hook?
  12. 8" Screen (mounting points)

    Has anyone pulled the interior panel(s) to see how the 8" screen is mounted? I'm searching for photos, but have come up wanting so far. Thanks!
  13. Roll-Top shell / Cap with retractable top?

    Does any manufacturer make a shell/cap with a retractable top?
  14. Stop Saying The Ford Maverick Is Small! It's Not —
  15. Road Test Reviews?

    Does anyone have information as to when the media embargo will end? It would be great to see the truck in action (performance and capabilities), instead of staring at stationary vehicles.
  16. Mav vs. my old Dodge Dakota 4X4

    I've really have missed my 2001 really was the perfect size and power for all my needs two decades ago. I have been very happy with the dimension comparison of the Maverick vs. Dakota and will add the comparison dimensions if there is additional interest. Short version... There is...
  17. Admin request

    Would like to request we add AWD/FWD to TECH topics. According to Ford Mav Online Config: $2,220 for AWD option (when subtracting engine 2.5 to 2.0 side-grade ~ $1,085)