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  1. Breaking Maverick out of Train Yard Jail

    Best to pull the Band-Aid off quick and be done.
  2. Rust Issues

    No because this is under and in the structure of the truck. However there are chemicals that can be applied internally to coat and protect. Linseed oil is my fav.
  3. Breaking Maverick out of Train Yard Jail

    You have a better chance of being allowed to walk in Fort Knox and fill your pockets.
  4. Anyone having rust issues with their Maverick?

    Jeez..........these assumptions and conspiracy theories.
  5. PSA: Anyone with OEM Ford Splash Guards - they wear paint down to metal!

    ANY two surfaces that can trap dirt between them will do that.
  6. Anyone having rust issues with their Maverick?

    Aluminum won't rust but it WILL corrode just as bad if not worse as steel.
  7. Anyone having rust issues with their Maverick?

    EVERY CAR COMPANY only covers complete rust ( hole ) thru? FIFY
  8. Early Maverick Sketches Included Bigger Display Screen

    I have big screens in my house, I don't need one in my truck.
  9. Anyone have the side plastic warping?

    Record heat in our area and my rails haven't budged a millimeter. Of course I don't have any accessories that constrict the rails expansion and contraction either.
  10. Ecoboost Starting issue

    A few more details would help the diagnosis.
  11. Lithium instead of lead acid 12v

    Because, as mentioned above, that battery is for motorcycles and scooters. A auto rated battery is over $1100. That's a LOT of standard battery replacements. You're...
  12. Anyone have the side plastic warping?

    The bracketry mounted on the truck is not allowing the plastic to expand in the heat it normally would so it is compensating in the direction of least resistance.
  13. Since the price of fuel has gone up so much... how to prevent boost on a Ecoboost?

    The ecoboost has a "happy place" where it runs at it's most efficiency. It's a combination of boost, rpm, af ratio, load,etc. If you start playing with one you'll mess up the rest. Less boost will only make the engine lug to try and do it's job which will hurt fuel economy every bit as much as a...
  14. Help with keeping neighbor cats away

    Go take a poop on the hood of their car and see how they like it.
  15. Confirmed: The Paint Sucks

    I have painted my own cars for 30 years, two are in the showcase. I have sprayed lacquer, epoxy, enamel, and the new water based paint. While there are some durability differences, in the grand scheme, if the factors that can happen come up snake eyes then you're gonna get a chip. The...