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  1. Will the bed outlet run a small air compressor?

    Sorta aside, but why the hell don't they make an adult- sized bicycle pump? Or is it some kind of weird thing like the 24" hoe, where "you can spot the people who're not pumping because they're standing upright"?
  2. What do you (will you) miss from your old vehicle in the Maverick?

    Nothing. My Jeep is such a hot mess, I don't think I'll miss anything.
  3. Some 22MY Mavericks may get pushed to MY23

    Probably depends on shipping times. If you're in a state close to Hermosillo, I could definitely see getting a '23 before someone in Maine or Alaska gets a '22 that shipped earlier.
  4. 2022 Maverick Final Scheduling Cut Off Date = August 4

    Hey, if that happens, take it. Might be worth something- when I still worked for a toy store we'd have people ask if we had either low serial numbers or high serial numbers of numbered editions.
  5. Did Bruce Springsteen Buy A Maverick ?

    Tramps like us, baby we were born to ruuunnn.... *riff*
  6. Floor jack pinch weld pucks

    Safer, but you can't use them for anything that requires you to remove a tire. You really need to be able to use both.
  7. Early Maverick Sketches Included Bigger Display Screen

    That was probably before all the staff on the project did the "empty out your cars" thing and they realized all the dash mascots needed a home. Cause that's what's probably going to happen to my cubby. Stuff in a little plushie or something.
  8. Hybrid Towing Experience Without Tow Package?

    Yeah, that's why the camper board I'm on suggests taking the camper and tow vehicle to the scales and getting everything weighed. That's the only way you can know exactly you've got. OP, I'd suggest looking for a light popup or maybe an a-liner or teardrop.
  9. Just received this text, is $1000 a normal deposit to reserve?

    $1k is a bit high for a deposit in the Houston area, but not too unusual? Chastang quoted me that as well. Classic Galveston, on the other hand, said $500. And both claimed they didn't charge an ADM or Addendum. If you'd rather pay an addendum (Lojack, lifetime interior coverage, nitrogen), I...
  10. Maverick vs. The Economy [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Honestly, I'm ordering on the 15th anyway because my Jeep is a POS and needs to get replaced. And not just for gas mileage reasons- the repairs I'd ultimately need to make would be more than half a brand new Maverick. And I really want a manufacturer warranty for a change.
  11. Quiet HIgh Pitch Beep?

    (joke) It's the electric thingey that winds the clock.
  12. 2022 Ford Maverick Gets New Accessories in Brazil

    Welding that tray on, though. You'd either have to remove the bar, or (maybe) ground to the tray. Otherwise there's too high a risk of frying all the electronics.
  13. 2022 Ford Maverick Gets New Accessories in Brazil

    I want that roll bar. Probably won't be able to afford it, but I still want it.
  14. 4-pin to 7-pin and Trailer Brake

    Yeah, I saw that one too. It's old, doesn't have instructions, and doesn't mention whether or not the brake controller can actually be enabled with FORSCAN.
  15. 4-pin to 7-pin and Trailer Brake

    So, I'm planning (at this point) on getting a hybrid, and one of the things I'm considering doing is using it to pull light campers. Definitely nothing over 2k loaded, but anyway. Almost every camper nowadays requires a 7-pin and a brake controller, even if they only weigh like 800#. Has anyone...
  16. Good comic!

    Meanwhile, thousands of people working at car dealerships, greasy liars or not, suddenly find themselves without jobs due to the new business model. Those people are now unable to afford cars...
  17. Future Compact Toyota Pick Up

    Because there's not enough margin. Sorta like housing. Sure, developers could build affordable houses, but there's not enough margin for them to feel like they're getting rich enough. And while my wife and I and the average Millennial would be ok with a shotgun house that they can actually own...
  18. "Pickup trucks arent practical". Article found is why Im glad I chose a Maverick :)

    Feeling I always got was more that they were paternalistic. That they think they know best and how dare anyone have a different life experience. Mass transit would help, too. Be able to ride the bus or train to work and let Metro fight the traffic for you. Maverick can stay in the garage for...
  19. Price Increase...Thank you Ford [ WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Hunh. XL stayed the same. Is Ford running it on a Loss Leader model or something?
  20. Classic or Chastang Ford- ADM/Market Adjustment or Not?

    Hunh. Never thought about Tommie Vaughn. Anyone else know about Chastang or Classic?