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  1. Anyone changed the oil WITHOUT a lift/ramps?

    Oh yeah, just tried a t30 which worked. T27 works too and you're not torquing these that tight
  2. Anyone changed the oil WITHOUT a lift/ramps?

    I I think they're actually T27 (on the hybrid) - at least that's what I used and it was perfectly snug
  3. Anyone changed the oil WITHOUT a lift/ramps?

    Hybrid or Eco? I was a little surprised how nasty the oil looked after only 1500 or so ICE miles. My drain plug was real tight, but only took a little muscle
  4. Anyone changed the oil WITHOUT a lift/ramps?

    Update: successfully changed the oil this morning. 2400 miles (about 1500 of those on ICE). I drove it up on 2x4s to give myself a little more room to work with. Still tight, but very doable for a skinnier guy like me. The factory filter was EXTREMELY tight. You're gonna need filter pliers...
  5. Breaking Maverick out of Train Yard Jail

    Yeah, they actually drive the trucks to get them on and off rail cars and transporters
  6. Anyone changed the oil WITHOUT a lift/ramps?

    You didn't have to take the cover all the way off?
  7. Anyone changed the oil WITHOUT a lift/ramps?

    Thanks. I'm a pretty thin guy. I have some scrap 2x4 - I was thinking I could easily drive up on those and at least gain an inch and a half
  8. Anyone changed the oil WITHOUT a lift/ramps?

    I want to change my Maverick's oil (hybrid specifically) myself the first time, but for future oil changes I'll probably just take it to the dealer so I don't want to invest in ramps. Anyone changed their oil without ramps or a lift? Just curious how feasible it is/how tight it'll be under...
  9. Installed Gator soft tri fold cover

    I don't know why people (not you) are wringing their hands over this and heading for the fainting couch. It's a soft vinyl cover over a stiff aluminum frame. Even if the cover was tight as a snare drum, I'm sure there would still be some deflection and fluttering with high winds. There are no...
  10. Plastic gas pedal ?

    Let us know how it goes and please post a link the the ebay page
  11. Installed Gator soft tri fold cover

    The vinyl cover itself flaps. However I'm virtually certain the rigid aluminum frame stays rock solid so I wouldn't worry. Plus they have a lifetime warranty. Edit: I think "flaps" isn't actually the best word. The vinyl undulates. The whole cover isn't just flying around
  12. Early Maverick Sketches Included Bigger Display Screen

    Google maps is vastly superior to every built-in nav system I've ever seen in pretty much every way. It can be a little information-dense, which is usually good, but can make the 8inch screen feel a little cramped. Maps is really the only reason I'd want a bigger screen in the Mav - it's the...
  13. Biggest Downfall of Being Pushed to MY23

    Yeah but obviously the loan balance isn't just magically going down - you're pumping your cash into what's normally a depreciating asset. If/when the used car market gets back to normal, paying off a depreciating asset while you wait for your Maverick is a losing situation financially.
  14. Dial shifter POLL

    After perusing the lengthy thread about the dial shifter, I thought it'd be interesting to run a poll to gauge how Maverick owners really feel about the shifter. PLEASE only answer if you've owned and driven your Maverick for at least a couple weeks. I want to see real world opinions from folks...
  15. Anyone like the dial shifter?

    I bet if all the survey takers got to live with the various shifter designs for a couple weeks, the results would be very different. The dial shifter was weird at first, but once you get used to it (only takes a week or so), it's actually quite nice. I definitely prefer it to a standard shifter now.
  16. Maverick Backup Camera Quality

    Maybe it partly because I've never had a car with a backup camera, but I have no problem with the one on the maverick. It's not IMAX, but it does its job just fine. Never had an issue seeing things behind me
  17. Replacing bulbs - easy or difficult?

    Who? Calvin B? He posted a link to actual headlight bulbs for other cars. No way in hell those are working as switchbacks for the turn signals. He's absolutely full of it - a bot or a shill for that retailer he linked to
  18. Hybrid vs Eco for mostly highway driving.

    That's what he's saying is the problem. The engine may not be struggling, but the transmission might be trying to handle it
  19. No more temp read out on dial?

    Yeah, just for fun on my ride home, I switched my truck's settings to Celsius and the decimal place appeared on the climate control knobs
  20. No more temp read out on dial?

    Interesting. Virtually certain my February lariat (in the USA, so Fahrenheit) has no decimals. So when you spin the dial, is each click 1/10 of a degree? That would actually be a pain in the ass for fahrenheit, but I could see it being more useful for celcius