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  1. Auxiliary Battery and Inverter Install

    Looks like a very nice set up . I am wondering did you also get the factory 400 W ? I have read on this form that the factory one gets a higher output alternator . I was thinking coupling this with the 400w would be perfect .
  2. Maverick Truck Club Decal

    How about T shirts ? They could say , I waited 6 months or a year whatever . It could read waited the time ,got the shirt but not the truck .
  3. Oil change DIY for Maverick 2.0 AWD without FX4 package

    Thanks for taking the time to make a video. I am somewhat not in agreement with the early first oil changes . Many people have posted about their early first oil changes . All new engines come with a brake in oil . This oil is a special formula to help the engine brake or wear in . The rings...
  4. Canadian order to delivery wait times

    Ordered mid December . XL 4k tow , dealer has no idea when I will get built . They have never had any correspondence from Ford . They sent me a happy mothers day message , and I responded don't tell me happy Mothers day tell me when my truck will be built. They got mad at me and and told me...
  5. Koons Ford are beyond scumbags

    My truck was ordered at MSRP ,so I have nothing to complain about . But I would add this to the conversation . Three years ago in my part of the country you could purchase a new F150 for 10 15 or even 17 thousand off list price . I purchased a new 2019 F250 52 ,000 list for 42,000 . Nobody was...
  6. Factory OEM FORD part numbers for Maverick bed D-Rings and rear side tie hooks for XL (with installed pics)

    Don't be so sure ! That is how all the leaking gas tanks happened . when taping the holes in the floor ,don't go in too deep . Maybe use a bottoming tap , that way once you are in a half inch the threads would be clean .
  7. Oh no!! Damaged Maverick 💔

    I would not let them repair the doors . You should be getting two brand new doors put on . Did the side air bags go off ? Also in my province they brand a vehicle that has had an accident like that . When you go to trade or sell you take a significant loss in value .Most dealers would not even...
  8. Maverick Joshua Tree Desert Run - Trip Report & Pics

    I also have a Cactus gray XL on order . Do you have the 4 K tow package on yours ? Also did you do the level lift or full 2 inch front and back ? Great pictures by the way .
  9. FX4 Gearing and Radiator and Cooling Vs 4K Tow Gearing and Radiator and Cooling

    Normally there would be at least 3 . One for the motor ,one for the transmission/transfer case and one for the gas tank . We don't have a transfer case so should be at least two .
  10. FX4 Gearing and Radiator and Cooling Vs 4K Tow Gearing and Radiator and Cooling

    I see you have an XL . I also have an XL 4 k tow on order . If you really look ,It would cost you or me $ 4,000 dollars to move to a FX4 package . Well that's in Canada . Personally I feel a XL with 4 K tow could be more capable then a XLT with FX4 and no 4 K tow . Yes you don't have tow hooks...
  11. Update: No wiring harness with trucks w/o factory hitch/receiver.

    Hopefully someone will bring something to the market soon . When I bought a wire kit for my Jeep ,it involved removing the tail lights and unplugging them and plugin in a splitter harness . Maybe you could ask the hitch shop to pull a tail light and see if the plug ends match a different vehicle...
  12. LMAO @ "FX POOR" 🤣

    So who makes after market skid plate ? Or are you talking ordering them from Ford ? Do yo know the cost from ford by any chance ? I was thinking once the aftermarket makes some heavy duty ones ,some of the boys will pull off their stock ones and we could get a deal . Thanks
  13. Hello from London, Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦

    Hi I am in Niagara region . Still waiting for the Maverick . In case some one is not aware , When you get the spray in bed liner . Make sure the shop doing the work does not do what Ford did . The big recall for leaking gas tanks was because when they retap the tiedown holes in the box . They...
  14. Rear End Squat? Install These… Air Bag Kit

    I did some research on the Firestone site . It looks like Coil Rite Part 4175 or 4182 may work . This is based on OP 3x8 bag size .The Firestones are 3.5 x 8.5 , But I don't have a truck to try it out .
  15. Rear End Squat? Install These… Air Bag Kit

    This would be perfect to pair with a front level lift . This way you can keep the truck level no mater what the load . If I ever get my Mav I think this is the rout I will go . Thanks
  16. Great Vid Showing Why You Need FX4 if You Are In Snow Belt

    O hope I didn't break the rules . Watch this guy before you report me ! Its called extreme snow test . You have the same color as I ordered Cactus ,how do you like it ? your truck looks sharp with the steel wheels and cactus gray .
  17. Great Vid Showing Why You Need FX4 if You Are In Snow Belt

    If you really want to see what a mavericks snow limits are ,go to a YouTube channel ( Daniel Deliverz ) . Wouldn't want to do this to my truck , but like he said someone had to do it .
  18. Great Vid Showing Why You Need FX4 if You Are In Snow Belt

    Well I have an XL with AWD and 4 K on order . So no FX4 , I do not see the advantage it would make ? I am thinking sport mode with traction control off will work the best for me . 4K tow gives you lower gearing . And Yes the most amazing winter tires I have ever had were the Blizzaks . This is...
  19. Put in my order yesterday for my maverick xlt fx4. Overland Possibilities.

    I think it will be a great economical over lander. I have an XL AWD 4 k tow and 400 w inverter on order and intend to outfit it . The truck will get a level lift, some skid plates and the best tires I can fit. I have a small slide in camper that folds out like a roof top tent ,and you can stand...
  20. 📣 2/3 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    I talked to my salesman Yesterday. I had not heard anything since placing my order . What he said is not to get too excited when I get a build date . What is happening apparently is if they have the parts to build most of the vehicle ,they go ahead . It then gets put on a lot somewhere on till...