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  1. Maverick connectivity - cell phone / wifi?

    Hi I was wondering if the Mav has a cell phone connection. If so is it something that you have to pay for? Tied to a specific carrier? Or does it only connect via a wifi connection.
  2. NY Auto show.

    I went to the NY auto show yesterday. After no show for 2 years it was pretty disappointing. Many manufactures were not there. The Ford booth was one of the nicest there. But they only had 1 Maverick an XLT hybrid. At least I got to sit in it. Prior to this I only sat in one at a dealer that was...
  3. 2.0L Maverick 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and 39 MPG? Somehow I find this hard to believe.
  4. FWD Ecoboost

    Hi, was just wondering how many people ordered a FWD Ecoboost vs AWD It would seem to me that most would be AWD. I would think a FWD Ecoboost would be a rare build
  5. Hybrid alternator

    Does the Maverick have an alternator? In my IMA Honda crz the electric motor was the alternator and the starter too. They essentially put an electric motor between the ICE and the trans. Although it did have a standard starter for very cold days. Think I heard that engage twice with 250k on it...
  6. Carry over allocations.

    Forgive me if this has been asked before, or I am ignorant how the allocation system works. Say a dealer has an allocation of 10 trucks a month. However in January they only receive 5 trucks. Does that mean in Febuary they would have 15?
  7. How does CP360 work

    Hi all , I am curious as to how CP360 works. Does it use cameras , radar or some other way. Is there an issue as to where you can place an ezpass transponder? How does it perform on the road? Larier Lux Thanks
  8. Printed Owners Manual

    Quick question, does the Maverick come with a printed owners manual? Read some new cars it is only online. Just bought a Denon home theater reciever and manual is only online. That is bad but for a car it would be worse.
  9. Dealer says I can expedite delivery if I Copilot360, Lux package and SIBL

    Got a call from my dealer today about my Lariat, awd, lux package, Cp360 4k tow. I ordered 12/26. He asked to expedite delivery if I wanted to drop the Cp360, Lux package and sibl. He said it would be built, just will be a longer wait. He did say that he has 11 other customers to talk to. And so...
  10. Order Process

    Hi, I ordered a lariat lux, cp360 and 4k tow package on 12/26/21. I got a confirmation the same day from Ford. No other communication. However I do not see any order number on the confirmation or the signed build sheets. I know I may not even see this truck. But as long as I got that...
  11. Constraint options that delay builds?

    What are options that will delay the build? I intend to order Lariat awd, 4k tow package, full size spare , molded splash guards and tray style/carprted floor mats.