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  1. Anyone changed the oil WITHOUT a lift/ramps?

    Fibre skid pan on Hybrid is mounted with 15 T30 screws, all the same. There is also a small tab which supports the skid, so note its location before removing the skid. Not only was the filter tight, the oil pan drain plug was really wrenched in also.
  2. Anyone having rust issues with their Maverick?

    If you find yourself with hours/days to kill… results
  3. Dragon flies

    Unfortunately for the dragonflies, humans came along and started building cars. Some of those cars give off the same pattern of polarized light as water, especially red or dark-colored cars. As far as the dragonflies are concerned, a red or dark car IS a body of water because it gives off the...
  4. Consider Scheduling You Ford Maverick Oil Service Sooner Rather Than Later

    Regardless of your intentions, be aware that the factory filter is smaller than the recommended replacement.
  5. Early Maverick Sketches Included Bigger Display Screen

    I've yet to notice the screen since I spend my time admiring the fancy slip-on accelerator/brake pedal covers...
  6. Tailgate soft close fix

  7. Won’t start by app.

    Didn't have an issue with the rear slider, but silicone spray on the rubber tracks made things even better. Re the remote access: I've received alerts on FordPass App that remote features are disabled to preserve battery but all that is necessary is to start the vehicle and things are back to...
  8. Consider Scheduling You Ford Maverick Oil Service Sooner Rather Than Later

    I would like to point out that if your dipstick has something resembling foamy chocolate milk on it, then yes, you CAN determine something by its appearance. Ask me how I know.
  9. 3k miles, broke down

    Are some of you folk actually finding loose fasteners.?
  10. Can you disable "check rear seats" alarm?

    So THAT'S where I left the kids!
  11. Waterless wash opinions

    Don't know about the Costco version, but Kozak has been in business for some 96 years selling dry wash cloths. I've used them on and off for decades and they do work, but they're certainly not going to put auto detailers out of business. I'm not obsessive about vehicle appearance (think less...
  12. Hybrid Battery Replacement Anxiety

    9 years on the C-Max message board and cannot recall (pun) anyone with issues. Now when you consider the 12v battery, that's a VERY different story.
  13. The Jurassic Maverick

    Shouldn't it be Velociraptor Blue?
  14. Switching From Adaptive Cruise to Cruise Only

    Thanks for the help advice, all: finally realized couldn't access the Driver Assistance Mode whilst in ACC, had to start the vehicle…or something like that. Anyway all is well, thanks!
  15. Switching From Adaptive Cruise to Cruise Only

    Anyone know if this is possible on a Lariat/Lux? Owner's Manual shows a Cruise button (p. 213) that doesn't exist on my vehicle, and also (p. 221) states to Select Settings, then Select Driver Assistance, then Select Cruise Control, then Select Normal. I have NO option of Driver Assistance on...
  16. How-to DIY: change the cabin air filter

    And Ford is now promoting/installing Refresh95 cabin air filters. new-ford-refresh95-cabin-air-filter.html
  17. How to hypermile a hybrid for MPG!

    And don't fail to draft semis on the highway for an additional mpg boost!
  18. Week Old and Dead in the Garage this Morning [Hybrid Maverick in deep sleep mode].

    Far as I know it will retain a charge for years if the BMS (Battery Management System) is doing its job. The big battery is only partially charged and discharged during operation which accounts for its long service life (basing all this on the C-Max which dates back to late 2012). It's the...