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  1. How to remove scratches from the plastic trims around the bed?

    "Using a non-marring trim tool, carefully detach the retainers along the length of the moulding and remove the moulding".
  2. Part number of rubber center console pads/mats ?

    Not sure yet, sometimes is just a change of suppliers, or some sort of unknown revision. The part numbers stamped on trim pieces (as well as on other parts) are some sort of internal reference. Ford assigns a totally different part #. I truly don't understand why they don't or can't just use...
  3. Part number of rubber center console pads/mats ?
  4. Part number of rubber center console pads/mats ?

    #7 is the large mat #8 I believe is the smaller mat #9 is the FLAT mat that goes inside the console on the bottom ($57.00 for tiny thin flat mat!!!!!!)
  5. Part number of rubber center console pads/mats ?

    Awhile back when I was trying to order the large XL black mat I came up with part # NZ6Z-60045G34-BA, which ended up being the brown Lariat mat. So I tried ordering again using p/n NZ6Z-60045G34-AC and one more time using NZ6Z-60045G34-AB, and both of those came in as the orange ones, both...
  6. Part number of rubber center console pads/mats ?

    I eventually decided to go with the black XL tray for the large bin, the orange was just too much for me. Since the XL does not come with the small black tray I just painted my orange one black. The rest of the orange accents in the interior I really like.
  7. Breaking Maverick out of Train Yard Jail

    No way, none would ever leave the plant area without HVB's.
  8. Part number of rubber center console pads/mats ?

    There are 2 part #'s from the large front bin, no idea what the difference is, if any, I have ordered both in the past and did not see a difference. NZ6Z-60045G34-AC - ORANGE NZ6Z-60045G34-AB - ORANGE I don't have a 100% confirmed part # for the smaller orange bin, as the part #'s are very...
  9. Maverick Price Increased as of 7/1

    I was involved with the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicle forums during the past couple decades and this was a very common practice...
  10. Some 22MY Mavericks may get pushed to MY23

    Blue book value is in part set by model year, so a 2022 in October will be priced as a 1-year old vehicle. All features/options being equal/identical, a 2022 model year vehicle built in October 2022 would be worth less than a 2023 model year vehicle built in October 2022.
  11. No more temp read out on dial?

    I like having the display, and am glad that my XLT has it. If it didn't I would have swapped out for one with the display. I like being able to set an exact temperature, and the display makes it a no-brainer to remember the numbers and return to the exact numerical settings for either hot or cold.
  12. Plastic gas pedal ?

    Installed my "Shanmu" pedals tonight... as noted by others, attaching the gas pedal is challenging, I just let it sit out in the sun for a half hour or so which helped a lot. Gotta love the product description: "After installation, the pedals are more shiny and easy to get attention from others."
  13. PSA: Anyone with OEM Ford Splash Guards - they wear paint down to metal!

    I checked mine last night... an ever so slight "line" was starting to form on the rear ones, I have only had them on for a few months. I removed the 2 screws and 2 fasteners which allowed access to the painted area under the flaps. I then put a couple of good coats of wax along the edge where...
  14. Mirror cap removal???

    1. Position the exterior mirror glass fully in and up. 2. Using a flat blade screwdriver to release the tabs starting at the lower outboard side of mirror and continuing around the mirror until all the tabs are released.
  15. Mirror cap removal???

    You have to remove the mirror glass, then 4 screws, then 5 tabs...
  16. Cheap auto-dimming, homelink mirror

    Mine didn't show the wiring breakout, but this is what it was: Black w/white tracer = Switched power Black = Constant power
  17. Electronic modules and components locator

    Purchased for personal use.
  18. Are my wipers binding or is this normal?

    My XLT has the issue in all modes. Awaiting back-ordered wiper motor.
  19. Electronic modules and components locator

    Factory Service Manual.