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  1. Mirrors small for towing. Stick-on convex mirror suggestions?

    One of the first things I noticed with my Mav is that the side mirrors are a little on the small side. Today I towed a trailer to the dump and found the mirrors difficult to use when backing up a trailer. Anyone have any suggestions for those little stick on convex mirrors? I've seen some on...
  2. Lariat seats vs XLT

    Are the Lariat seats better than the XLT seats? I haven't had the opportunity to sit in a lariat yet. Not saying the XLT seats are bad, but they definitely have a time limit for sitting in. That's been one of my biggest adjustments coming from my last two Kias with sport bucket seats.
  3. Tuxmats from 2020 Escape

    Found a great deal on some Tuxmats from a 2020 Escape. The fronts fit perfect but I haven't trimmed up the rear mat yet. It needs a little customizing to fit well. Also, the cubby organizer I 3D printed. Fits good but not quite perfect.