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  1. Email of Death

    You didn't have all of the constraints possible since it wasn't a Hybrid.
  2. This is the e-mail coming at 3PM today (6/29) to unscheduled order holders

    So if we don't get the email does that mean they are going to schedule our build for 2022?
  3. My Order suddenly doesn’t exist - Oct 9 Hybrid

    So when you called Ford marketing did they ask for your name, address telephone # etc. and then told you that you were in the system? I've done that a few times and they always found me, however I've never received an email from Ford. I would think that the emails from Ford should give you...
  4. MPG stats from 12 days 2804 mile vacation trip in my Maverick Hybrid XLT

    I've driven our two Prius' about 285k miles total. Headwinds make a huge difference, so that might account for some variance too. Included in the trips were two from Oregon to Iowa. Many from Oregon to Utah and Oregon to S CA.
  5. Area 51 Maverick so glad I changed my color

    I test drove the Cactus Gray. I like it, Area 51 and Cyber Orange. Cyber won out.
  6. Area 51 Maverick so glad I changed my color

    I changed mine from Area 51 to Cyber Orange
  7. Hybrid Battery Replacement Anxiety

    First Prius (2004) went 185,000 miles before I sold it. Did not replace battery, brakes or CVT Fluid. Have 100k on my 2015 Prius.

    Taking him at his word that he had an order and a down payment and a VIN # from Ford showing that an order had been placed for him. If so there would be a case for fraud.

    An attorney should be able to do something since there was a contract between the dealer and the buyer.

    Do you have an order #? If you do you can call the marketing hotline to check on the status.
  11. Sour Apple Green Color Maverick Spotted

    When did you order it?
  12. 10 month waiting for My XLT hybrid Dealer 5k markup

    Didn't you get a price on your order confirmation?
  13. Hybrid mileage at 500 miles: 44.9 MPG (600+ miles per tank)

    Looks to me like you are super conservative if you have 230 electric miles out of 503.
  14. 150 miles @ 75 mph, 29 mpg. No bueno.

    I've driven a total of 285,000 miles on two Prius'. Highway mileage is better than in town most of the time.
  15. 5-5-22 chat for October 2021 order

    How would it be posted last June if orders didn't stop until January?
  16. 5-5-22 chat for October 2021 order

    Is there any way to know how many orders for Mavericks that Ford has???
  17. Constraint Update Email Coming Today: Co-Pilot 360, XLT Luxury, Lariat Luxury

    It apparently isn't going out to everyone, since I didn't get one.