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  1. Early Maverick Sketches Included Bigger Display Screen
  2. Is this why hybrids aren't being made? Traction battery shortages?
  3. Tracking total lifetime electric miles and gas miles

    Wish you could track how many total lifetime electric miles you have had, along with the gas mileage
  4. Maverick Matchbox cars?

    Are there any matchbox cars or diecast for the Ford Maverick preferred to be alto blue
  5. Any guesses what Ford is going to build at the truck plant in Tennessee?

    Any guesses what ford is going to build at the truck plant in Tennessee they are building? Supposed to be all electric.
  6. Hybrid door dashing

    Has anyone door dashed with their hybrid yet?
  7. Hybrid..Power outages inverters and camping

    Has anyone hooked jumper cables to the jumper posts on there hybrid hooked to a deep cycle battery? I was wondering if it is possible to hook it up that way to charge a battery and run a 2000w inverter. My cousin had a power outage last week due to a tornado. Was thinking with a hybrid you...
  8. Airbag

    Just read this.