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  1. My 12345.6 mile review

    I picked up my Maverick on October 14, 2021 and have since put on a little over 12,000 miles, so I thought it was time to give my impressions. I'll try to be brief and hopefully this won't be too tedious to read. The truck as delivered: Alto blue, XLT Ecoboost, 360, AWD, FX4, 4K tow, lux...
  2. My first warranty claim: Axle Replace - Right Front Axle is leaking everywhere & replace right front control arm

    I recently noticed a front end squeak had started when turning or going over a bump. Took it to the dealer and here’s the diagnosis: Parts are on order. ☹
  3. Replaced the antenna with shorter one

    I decided to replace the stock antenna with a lower profile antenna. I think it looks better, and it will be less susceptible to damage from a car wash or when hauling large items that may extend over the roof. One note...I kept the radio on while I changed it out and there was no change in...
  4. Ford’s solution to the chip shortage