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  1. Help please! XLT key remote buzzing

    Was woken up to my XLT key remote buzzing at me. It was sitting next to my lamp no one was touching it. As soon as I picked it up it stopped buzzing. My truck is in the garage and everything seems to be fine. Haven't started it up yet. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Took Maverick to see Maverick

    Decided the best way to see Top Gun Maverick. was at a drive-in, in the Maverick 😁 seen another Maverick there they had the same idea. Funny thing is it was the same color V-Blue. Shhhh🤫 movies about to start.
  3. Tonneau cover leaking 😢

    Anyone else with the Ford hard tri-fold tonneau cover getting water in the bed. Or any of the tonneau covers. Is this normal?
  4. Happy Easter time to grill

    Anybody need a velocity blue grill 😁 you can get it from Weber. Ok it's not quite velocity blue but close enough for me. Happy Easter everyone.
  5. 4G LTE Hotspot yes or no

    How many of you are using the 4G LTE hotspot in the Maverick. Are you using Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile. Or someone else. Do you like it and how much are you paying. Thanks 🙂
  6. MTC Thread search

    Unfortunately in my old age of almost 52. I'm very good at forgetting things. Where I parked the truck sometimes what I had for breakfast today was bagels 😂 with all the threads on this site it's hard to remember if I posted anything in a certain thread. Can I search an individual thread for my...
  7. Maverick started a reintroduction

    I think the small truck market is going to blow up really quickly. Subaru is bringing back the Baja.
  8. Should I be concerned lux missing

    I ordered an XLT with lux package. When my vehicle was scheduled for production I got a VIN number so I looked it up. And everything looks correct that was around January 23rd. If I look it up now, under packages my lux package is gone. But it still shows the lux package on the window sticker...
  9. 12 month oil change!!!

    Question for people that already have their Mavericks. My wife's 2015 Taurus has a oil life counter. It's been awhile since we had the oil changed and it's telling us there's still 30% to go. Question is do we have one on the Maverick, and are you using it or sticking to the 3 months 3,000...
  10. CES new Android auto wireless USB

    Motorola just announced a new Android auto USB adapter for wireless Android auto.
  11. Joke of the day literally

    What do you call two Mavericks that run into each other.
  12. Help explain Maverick vs Bronco Sport towing

    I'm a newbie when it comes to towing things. On a 2.0 AWD Maverick with 4k package you can pull 4,000 lbs. With the same equipped 2.0 AWD Bronco sport you can pull 2,200 lbs. Minus the 4K package. And the sport weighs 14 lbs more. So my question is does it really come down to a bigger radiator...
  13. Camper in Maverick promotional clip?

    Anyone know the make and model of the camper that the Maverick is pulling in the promotional clip. I've been trying to find who makes it because it doesn't look like it's under the 4,000 pound weight limit. And that looks exactly like what I'd love to have someday.
  14. Help Email from Ford real or scam

    I got this email this morning from supposedly Ford I'm always leery about any emails that I get or phone calls. Should I verify.
  15. Anyone planning to sell steelies

    I'm trying to decide do I use my AWD 17-in stock painted rims for Wisconsin winter tires and buy new rims for summer tires. Or do I buy some steelies from someone who is upgrading the rims. What are other people's thoughts and plans.
  16. 7.7 million fewer vehicles made this year Not a good sign for us waiting for our Mavericks. Haven't gotten any emails from Ford since July 12th hopefully I'll get my Maverick before they become 2023 models.
  17. Ford fanboys/fangirls what would make you leave Ford

    My dad is the reason I'm a Ford fanboy he worked at a local dealership for over 40 years. It was basically my second home, loved watching my dad work on cars and the smell of oil and gas lofting through the air. He also got picked on a lot down there by his friends because of our last name if...
  18. Proximity keyless entry question?

    If anybody can explain to me what the point of proximity keyless entry is when you need to use the key to start the engine on the XLT. If you have to get the key out of your pocket would it be just as easy to push the button on the remote.
  19. Google changing Android auto

    Anyone that uses Android auto now or planning on using Android auto in their new Maverick may want to read this article from Android Police.
  20. What is the Maverick? Classified as truck or car?

    Question, Some people consider it a truck. some consider it a SUV. My question is when we get our Maverick do we license it as a truck or a car. The Honda Ridgeline is considered a car in some states but a truck in another states.