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  1. Dallas to Crystal Beach Texas. Crazy Gas Mileage.

    So took the Maverick, loaded up the dog, the dog cage to spend a few days in Crystal Beach. Went here specifically to take the dog and the Maverick directly onto the Beach! Here are some of the trips info. From Dallas to Crystal Beach(343 miles): Average 34.5 MPG going 65mph on the main...
  2. 500 Miles Per Tank! 30.2 Mpg Lariat AWD 2.0 Ecoboost FX4

    Wasn't sure i could get it done, driving it daily to and from work. My work round trip is about 60 miles and of those 60 miles about 12 are city, the rest is Dallas area highways. A few notes: 1. To work often had at least 3 miles of stop and go traffic during the highway portions. 2.To Home...
  3. 15% Nex series by Stek Tint on Cyber Orange.

    Just picked it up this afternoon, looks pretty damn good.
  4. Kytely Upgraded Dog Car Seat Cover (Close Color Match, inexpensive option)

    Got these as an inexpensive option for My Cyber Orange Lariat. Easy install, and will seem to accomplish what i want, keeping pet claws off the Active X.
  5. A Little Star Wars Flair!!!

    Added a little Ahsoka flair to my dash. Little bit of color matching with her markings and the trucks markings!!
  6. Cyber Orange FX4 Lariat Finally arrives!!!Long Journey!

    So finally took delivery of my Maverick this morning. Maverick was built during the second week of actual Maverick Production(dating back to 9.21.21). Was originally supposed to be delivered in the middle of October(@Oct 10th.), but as you might have seen from some of the threads i made, it...
  7. Shipping Delayed Multiple times?? Post here!!!

    Gathering a list of people with multiple shipping delays. This is for trucks already built. Post in this format. Vehicle- AWD Ecoboost Lariat FX4(No Tow Package) Built 9.26. It will be different for each person, but my Truck is at a Railyard 20 mins from my house. Date 1 ETA: 11.1-11.7 Date 2...
  8. Stopship confirmed. Ecoboost built 9.26

    Lariat fx4 Ecoboost built on 9.26 and shipped shortly after. Had 3 delays from original 11.1 delivery now not untill 12.13 couldn't get much from dealer other than they are at a railyard 20 mins from my house and have been for a month. Called the 800 Ford # 800-334-4375. Didn't get much...
  9. Delays Delays Delays!!

    Orginal ETA was posted 10.16.21. This was just updated today..
  10. Ford Vehicle Tracking Acting Weird Again!

    So i bookmarked my tracking website and would occasionally look it up. I had two bookmarks, one with my vin entered, and one bookmark without any info added. So the bookmark with my VIN info no longer has it auto generated and the first bookmark i made with just the website now has someone elses...
  11. Anyone have this happen on their Tracking Screen? Went from BUILT to IN PRODUCTION

    It was in production for over a week, then was changed to built, and you can even see the built date. It was tagged Built for almost a week, then it changed back to "In Production"