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  1. So, I mean, how big is a Ridgeline?

    You might not think that this question is posted in the right category, but I assure you, it is.
  2. Can you extend a lease?

    I ordered a hybrid mav a couple days before the cutoff in November, thinking I'd have plenty of cushion with my current Mazda 3 lease ending November 19. Obviously it's getting closer to that not happening. So, has anyone ever just added a few months to a lease?
  3. Are floor mats constrained?

    Just watched a video where the owner said his hybrid came without rubber mats because they're on backorder. I thought I removed everything I had to already.
  4. Seasucker Mini Bomber

    So I just got a Seasucker mini Bomber 2 bike suction rack to use on my Mazda 3. Sucker was pricey, so I was really hoping to use it on the Maverick once it finally comes in. I was hoping to stick towards the back of the roof and just but the rear wheels in the bed. The problem I noticed was the...