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  1. 2022 Maverick Final Scheduling Cut Off Date = August 4

    Do you have a updated list of these constraint items?
  2. 📸 Spotted: Mystery New Maverick Model With High Clearance Off-Road Bumper and Tires

    It's a Ford so maybe, just maybe you can get one in 2026.
  3. My Maverick XLT build inspired by Mach 1

    What happened to your fuel door? My eyes keep going right to that.
  4. Maverick Allocation Formula Mirrors The Bronco - Bloomberg

    I gave up on waiting for a Bronco with a factory painted hard top (maybe 2023) and my backup plan was a Maverick Lariat 2.5 and now that will not be till 2023. So I give up on Ford for now I will go lease a Nissan Frontier this weekend and hopefully Ford has this mess sorted out in 2 years.
  5. Good news, bad news. The salesman told me it was damaged and then sold it to someone else!

    You are right, only 99.8% of car stealerships are evil. I'm 50 years old lived in 3 states and I have yet to find a honest dealership.
  6. FL Dealers Charging More Than MSRP and Those That Aren’t

    Watching this thread closely, I recently helped my 84 year old father look for a Accord or Camry. I spent 6 hours driving around south FL dealers and they ranged from $2000-9000 in mark ups or adding trash to the car like rustproofing and hydrogen air, as if they think we were born yesterday. A...
  7. Toyo Open Country AT3 245/70r17

    To be at this same height on 20" the sidewall would be 55,
  8. FORD ACCESSORIES Parts & Website for 2022 Maverick Officially Launches 🚀

    What I see is a entire roof rack and entire bed/ladder rack, overkill for such a small truck. What I want is 1/2 of each. What you have posted is $$$$$$$
  9. FORD ACCESSORIES Parts & Website for 2022 Maverick Officially Launches 🚀

    What this truck really needs is a kit with one roof rack and one ladder rack for the bed that matches the roof rack's height to create a complete rack for something 8' or more, like a 11' paddle board. The regular ladder rack will be to close together for support and likewise with the roof rack.
  10. Alto Blue Lariat FX4 Maverick Trainer Pics. Lots of Measurements / Dimensions Taken

    Thank you! I just needed 6ft to the end of the tailgate to get my motorcycle in, I have 6in to spare.