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  1. i have waited too long!!

    What else have you been looking for? Seems odd they won't let you custom order, I've never heard that before.
  2. Eibach Lowering Springs Kit, Finally Installed!

    Looks great, low but not too low that you're scrapping everything. Edit, my eyes are playing tricks on me, how do you have a fuel door on both sides?
  3. Martini Livery Inspired Maverick Lowered on Scale Suspension Coilovers and Aftermarket Wheels

    You have to remember these are coilovers, not just springs.
  4. I got one I got one!

    Who cares what the OP decides to keep, it's their choice. Enjoy your new ride no matter which one you choose.
  5. Need Some Advice

    Just let it leak and top it off every once in awhile.
  6. Ford, why send this if it's not true?

    Fords online configurators have had issues for awhile it seems. It was the same way when the Bronco came out, you could add X option online, but when it came to placing a order you couldn't do it.
  7. Whirring noise from Electric Motor

    I'll leave this here..
  8. Plastic gas pedal ?

    Do you have part numbers?
  9. I found all the Mavericks!!!!

    If I could order one with vinyl floors and crank windows I would.
  10. F150LEDs Introduction

    Welcome to the forum, Bobby! Suggestion, not sure if you can manufacture lenses, but clear lenses for the running lights on the front bumper would be neat.
  11. problematic

    I've heard on the forum that if the battery is full, it can kick ICE on as there's no where for the energy to go. Maybe try draining the battery more before you get home as it sounds like the long downhill charges it completely.
  12. Maverick vs. The Economy [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    You got that right! I hope you don’t think I’m serious :p
  13. Maverick vs. The Economy [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I'm hoping it crashes so hard no one will be buying any cars and I'll swoop in and get a great deal way under MSRP. Oh wait that's what I said about the housing market during COVID, but that didn't work out so well. We'll just have to wait it out and see how things unfold.
  14. Hybrid Braking Issue

    A lot of reports with this same issue on the forums, it’s not just you.
  15. 3k miles, broke down

    All vehicles no matter the make/model will have a small percentage of lemons. Your vehicle could be made on a Monday or a Friday, that's just how it goes. Look at the engine failures in the Bronco 2.7 Ecoboosts, that's not a new engine by any means but there's issues. You're either going to get...
  16. Does Ford monitor this forum?

    Most vehicles I've been in don't have a handle on the drivers side, I think it's because there's a steering wheel to grab.
  17. RealTruck Introduction

    No Mav yet, but I'll be interested in some floor liners and some saddle blanket seat covers when the time comes.

    This isn't the first time Frankfort Ford has popped up on this forum..
  19. Thought this was pretty cool

    I would be all over a single cab, like a modern day Ranchero.
  20. Jalopnik Ranks Maverick Colors

    Well that was two minutes of my life I'll never get back.