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  1. Fumoto vs EZ Oil

    Anyone install either the Fumoto or EZ Oil drain valve on the hybrid yet? Would like a recommendation on which style and brand fits and works best.
  2. Laconia Bike Week (Maverick Meet-Up?)

    I will be at the Laconia Bike Week events this Saturday (June 11) with my Oxford White XLT Hybrid. (Wife is going hiking, I'm checking out bikes.). If anyone else wants to meet-up let me know...
  3. 41.5MPG (1000 Mile Average)

    Yes, I’m elated :)
  4. DIY (Extra Storage) behind rear seats

    The Maverick models without the amplifier behind the rear seat has the mounting bracket unused. When I looked behind the rear seat in my XLT I began thinking of ways to utilize the space for extra storage and realized I could use the amplifier bracket to mount a storage bag. Here’s my DIY...
  5. Anyone install Trident FastFold Tonneau Cover?

    Has anyone here received and installed the Trident FastFold Tonneau cover? Please share some pictures and tell us what you think about it. Mine should be shipped from Auto Accessories Garage any day now. $236 delivered after the 20% discount and another 5% veterans discount (veterans don’t...
  6. FordPass Rewards (Redemption)?

    I just purchased the front & rear mud flaps through Fairway Ford Parts ($43 for each set) for a total purchase price of $94 delivered using my FordPasss Rewards points. They deducted 18,668 points??? That’s about 200 points for every dollar spent. Does this sound right? I can’t find the...
  7. Bed cubby door lock?

    Anyone figured out how to change out the twist to lock to a keyed lock on the bed cubby door? If so please explain.
  8. Center Console Dual Stage Insert

    The Maverick has a great (deep) center console. Can someone design(3D print) a dual stage insert to maximize the space?
  9. Solved: USB-C adapter requires less than 16GB

    I purchased a microSD card to USB-C adapter for MP3 music. A 16GB card will not read but a 4GB card will. Not sure about an 8GB.
  10. List of Carplay compatible apps?

    Has anyone figured out what apps are compatible with CarPlay? Is there a list? Can apps be made compatible to show up on our dash display?
  11. Picked up today

    Oxford white, XLT hybrid, lux, copilot 360. Love it!!!! No ADM, 29,660 out the door (3 year registration, Connecticut)
  12. Dealership that doesn’t listen to the customer.

    My original salesman retired, my #2 salesman now on baby leave, now on the 3rd salesman. Each salesman was clearly explained my wishes and expectations, I.e, no front license plate bracket drilled into the front bumper, no window VIN etching (unless it’s free..not), no dealer stickers. truck...
  13. Ceramic Coating Price?

    I have a quote of $680 for a professional “lifetime” Ceramic Coating. What do you think?
  14. Delivered:)

    I used the Ford customer service chat option and asked where my Maverick is. The reply gave me the transport company name and code number for the exact truck carrying my Maverick. I then emailed the transport company who told me my Maverick was being delivered to my dealership today. I drove...
  15. 15% Ethanol Fuel? [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Would you use it in your Maverick? The owners manual clearly sates “do not use fuel with more than 15% ethanol” Considering the fact the 15% is a mathematical average we could be running slightly higher than 15% and not know it.
  16. OEM Carpet Floor Mats - part number?

    Can someone verify the part number for the OEM Carpet Floor Mats? I think I found them as # 26045G34, MSRP $54.98 each. I’m going to try and give them back to my dealership for credit upon receipt of my Mav.
  17. $12,000 over MSRP!

    Imperial Ford in Mendon, MA website is showing they have seven (7) Maverick’s. All marked up about $12,000. The site even shows a blue XL eco listed for $45,645… wow!
  18. AutoNation Low Ball Offer

    Please don't lash out at me for this post! Like many, I have hit a rough patch financially and only have a month or so until my Maverick arrives. Since I have my VIN# I requested a quote from AutoNation to see what they might give me, just in case I can't keep it. The thought is, do I take...
  19. iHeartRadio

    Sorry if someone has already discussed this. Has anyone verified if the iHeartRadio app shows up on the SYNC screen using Apple CarPlay? Or even Android Auto for that matter.
  20. Ford Pass (Remote Start) on Apple Watch

    Don't have my Maverick yet, but do have the Ford Pass app on my Apple Watch. Has anyone confirmed what can/cannot be don through the Apple Watch? Specifically, can you remote start the Maverick through the Ford Pass app on the Apple Watch?