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  1. ZipperKid

    What do you like LEAST about the Maverick?

    I really wish i could have optioned push start on the XLT trim. I was excited to finally get it, then disappointed that it didn't come in the Lux package. A 12" screen would've been nice also. Hopefully it is upgradeable for when they put it in future trucks.
  2. ZipperKid

    ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    I mean if you have to pay extra for your paint, it DESERVES a thread! :ROFLMAO: I can't wait to post a pic of mine!
  3. ZipperKid

    Dumb Dumb Dealers

    I think you have to go in person and make them look! I did this to my local dealer (in the USA, not sure if Canada ordering is different) and initially they said it wasn't available to order yet. When I told them orders have already been placed, he looked a bit more and was able to find the...
  4. ZipperKid

    CNG or LPG on eco boost?

    I don't think this is the right forum for these kind of questions :ROFLMAO: From what I know about CNG conversions I believe they prefer higher compression. The 2.5 hybrid has a 13:1 compression engine, so I would think that is the better option in that regard. the Duratec/MZR engine has also...
  5. ZipperKid

    How are some of you guys already placing orders?

    I went to my local Ford dealer this morning to order my Maverick. At first, the man at the counter said that they did not have pricing available for the vehicle and the orders wouldn't be available until the end of the year... After explained that orders have been placed and that I have seen the...
  6. ZipperKid

    Pineapple on pizza?

    Looks like he's in the Nay group. what a shame...
  7. ZipperKid

    1" Suspension lift... Would you do it?

    @Syrinx Priest I'm glad you mentioned that, because I just googled the lift, and when I was looking around Rough Country's website and what do you know, they have a 1.5" lift kit for the Bronco Sport! I would bet money that they gonna make the same kit for the Maverick! For $250, I think that...
  8. ZipperKid

    1" Suspension lift... Would you do it?

    I've Got a rig with 33's and you Know Im gonna find how far you would need to go to fit them. Realistically though, I'm sure there's a limit for the fwd platform, but darn it we need the answer!
  9. ZipperKid

    1" Suspension lift... Would you do it?

    Now that the truck has been revealed at all angles, who is ready to take this truck "up" a notch when they receive it? From where I'm sitting, the truck looks like the axle line is below the body line and with that means you can more easily stuff larger tires with just a bit more clearance...
  10. ZipperKid

    Twin Clutch or Single Clutch Rear Differential in Maverick?

    Thanks for the pointer. I wish that they had put the twin clutch in the FX4 as it is "supposed" to be the off-road package. I hope that I can find out more about this single clutch setup. When I briefly read about the bronco sport, they mentioned the base model was an open rear differential with...
  11. ZipperKid

    Twin Clutch or Single Clutch Rear Differential in Maverick?

    Is anyone aware of what type of differential is under the Maverick? I am hoping that they are using the twin clutch unit that they use in the Bronco Sport Badlands, at least in the FX4. I believe that the more capable off-road spec should have this equipped. Does Ford have any mention of these...
  12. ZipperKid

    Maverick Technical Specifications Sheet - What are your reactions?

    Has any source mentioned what differential is under the FX4? I am interested to know if it is using the twin clutch rear end that the Bronco Sport Badlands has. Something that can handle the tow capacity...
  13. ZipperKid

    Ordered the 2022 Maverick? Sign in here.

    Reserved, but have not heard from the dealer! Alto Blue Lariat FX4. I hope they open X pricing, or I might wait until they do. I'm not necessarily interested in paying full price :LOL: Edit: I have officially ordered my Alto Blue Maverick XLT Lux FX4 w/ 4K tow package!
  14. ZipperKid

    Build & Price Your 2022 Ford Maverick Now Up. What's Your Maverick Build?

    I went with a Lariat FX4 Alto Blue, with Lariat package!
  15. ZipperKid

    Fitting 33’s on a Maverick

    Pretty close to stuffed... The Maverick would look good in these 29.5s. Article below. I'm glad to see the bronco sport is getting some aftermarket. That should carry over to us hopefully.
  16. ZipperKid

    Current Daily Drivers

    I'm curious about what kind of vehicle background this group is coming from. I want to know your current daily driver and the rest of your driveway placeholders, so let's list them off and compare! I'll kick it off: 1997 Chevy S10 4.3L 5 speed (engine out) 2001 Chevy Blazer 4.3L 4x4 (in pieces)...
  17. ZipperKid

    Why do you want a Maverick?

    My first truck was an S10, and I currently have an S10 and blazer. I just love the size of it. I'm ready to have a modern mini truck, and the time is nearly here for an upgrade.
  18. ZipperKid

    Fitting 33’s on a Maverick

    The bronco sport badlands has 28.5" tires so, based on the pictures eyeballing it, I'd say you could stuff 30s in the arches without major modifications. I support your cause though!
  19. ZipperKid

    What type of aftermarket goodies are you hoping for?

    I haven't decided if i want to try to lift or lower, but after reading this article I am hoping to own a hot 305hp maverick! Hopefully it translated to our vehicles.