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  1. Any good dealers in Dallas?

    Keep us updated if they figure out how to place orders sooner. If i go with Ryan, do you want the referral credit? not that it means anything, but maybe they'll give you the "VIP Treatment" for referring us Dallas buyers
  2. Any good dealers in Dallas?

    That's great! Can they not currently place orders yet?
  3. Any good dealers in Dallas?

    they are not matching, I asked about add ons and he said no, maybe customer orders are spared that nonsense? they did confirm if Ford allows x plan they will honor it.
  4. Any good dealers in Dallas?

    Good call about asking about X plan. I will ask. I am working with Bob Tomes Ford, $200 refundable... Working with Greg Blessing at Bob Tomes fwiw
  5. 40mpg - Tested or Estimated?

    Estimated by Ford, which I think if they're willing to stick their necks out for 40, it would be highly unlikely they won't hit that for EPA. Real world is another story
  6. Any good dealers in Dallas?

    I am trying to find someone that is responsive and willing to take our order! I see some doing invoice -3% even, so if they'd be willing to match that, that would be great. As an incentive to any Dallas dealers, if you provide fair customer service, I have a day 1 lightning reservation I'd be...
  7. Maverick Technical Specifications Sheet - What are your reactions?

    so the clearance on the AWD is 0.3 in higher, so can we assume that is the "max height" the specs are referring to? I wish they would just give us both even if most numbers are the same. Not that 0.3 really matters, but just good to know.
  8. Maverick Trim Comparison (XL, XLT, Lariat)

    My guess is cost. the more streamlined production is, the less cost involved? Ford likely just chose the colors they think most people would want.
  9. Build & Price Your 2022 Ford Maverick Now Up. What's Your Maverick Build?

    So it looks like the XL has manual mirrors... dang it ford! That's something I'd need, Im sure many of you feel otherwise.