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  1. Color Help!!

    There’s a good video on YouTube that shows all the colors from different angle. I was liking cactus gray at first but after watching the video it may actually be to mint green for my tastes.
  2. The XL elephant in the room... no cruise control on the XL..

    I was wondering the same thing
  3. Ordered the 2022 Maverick? Sign in here.

    XL, cactus gray, with towing option. Dealer called within 15 min of making the reservation. Might have to change to an XLT to get a cruise control. Really don’t want to spend over $2000 more though. Come on Ford you could have offered it as an option.
  4. Maverick Trim Comparison (XL, XLT, Lariat)

    Would that void the warranty. Can you have one installed on the hybrid I wonder.
  5. Maverick Trim Comparison (XL, XLT, Lariat)

    So, I have to spend over $2000 extra on an XLT model to get a cruise control, which doesn’t appear to come standard on the XL. That’s BS.
  6. Spied: 2022+ Ford Maverick Prototypes Are Caught Again in Arizona

    In the photo of the two trucks that are side by side and facing forward there is something camo/covered under the rear bumper, haven’t seen that before. Also the truck on the left has something sticking out on the left side of the rear bumper that I haven’t seen before. Could this be a hybrid...