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  1. Walkaround & first look videos of the 2022 Maverick

    Check the MPG of Bronco Sport. Should be very similar.
  2. Maverick size

    Yeah, unfortunately the measures of vehicle width are inconsistent. Some include mirrors without noting it, and vice versa.
  3. Maverick size

    Thanks for posting, but that comparison is wrong. The Ridgeline is considerably wider than the Ranger. The Ranger is 73.3” excluding mirrors (which is the best measure of size), and the Ridgeline is 78.6” excluding mirrors. The difference is clear when driving them. The Ranger is more agile, but...
  4. Maverick size

    I have read in several articles that the Maverick will be smaller than the Ranger. Based on the pics of the test mules I have seen, it certainly looks lower, but it doesn’t look smaller in any other way. Is it supposed to be more of a compact pickup, or more of a decent sized unibody truck, like...