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  1. Big_T

    TFL - Maverick XL vs Lariat Hands-On Video (Non-Driving)

    It's under the floor on the passenger side.
  2. Big_T

    TFL - Maverick XL vs Lariat Hands-On Video (Non-Driving)

    Yup with a bit of the XLT added in the middle of the video.
  3. Big_T

    My 2 trucks scheduled for October 4 build week. EcoBoost in production early, but no Hybrid yet

    My hybrid is also scheduled for October 4, as of right now the tracker is still on "Order Confirmed". But the week is still young....
  4. Big_T

    The XL Trim Maverick Thread

    All hybrid models have the electric push button fuel door release. This is due to the fuel pressurization system of the hybrid.
  5. Big_T

    Tailgate badge?

    Just don't block the camera.
  6. Big_T

    More Ford and Maverick Merchandise Coming

    According to the article, an inspiring collection of merchandise and accessories is on the way! Ford Authority Article Ford Merchandising To Get New Boost Via Alexandra Ford English September 27, 2021 7:09 am Alexandra Ford English has held many roles in her short time in the automotive...
  7. Big_T

    Alex on Autos Maverick vs Santa Cruz Poll

    Let's vote up the Maverick, this is 51% to 49% right way that's right! Alex on Autos - YouTube
  8. Big_T

    Hybrid Order Support Group

    Ouch. I tend to only half-believe car salesmen at best. But that was probably their best guess or hope at the time. It appears that Ford underestimated the popularity of the hybrid by quite a bit. And combined with parts shortages it's taking a while to get up to speed. Hopefully you (and...
  9. Big_T

    Ordered a week ago but haven't received order confirmation email

    Adding/correcting your email address won't affect the status of your order. Hopefully your dealer didn't make any other mistakes...
  10. Big_T

    Ordering a XLT HYBRID tomorrow 9-27

    The luxury package orders are scheduling something like 17 percent for now so it might be a while.
  11. Big_T

    Wait times for Ecoboost???

    Good point, I should have noticed he said Lux package.
  12. Big_T

    Ordering a XLT HYBRID tomorrow 9-27

    4 months probably not but 6 months maybe....that's my best guess. EDIT: You didn't say anything about luxury package or spray-in bedliner so I based my answer on that.
  13. Big_T

    Wait times for Ecoboost???

    Some people have posted here that their ecoboost got scheduled the week or two after they ordered.
  14. Big_T

    Hybrid Order Support Group

    Not trying to be mean or a wise ass, but tell me, did you honestly/seriously believe when you ordered on June 28 that you would have a new Maverick by the end of September? I ask because I ordered June 14 and before I sold our second vehicle and ordered the Maverick, I discussed it with my...
  15. Big_T

    Maverick Financing Guaranteed Approval Program [Valid Until March 31, 2022]

    So many posts against paying love for the first person to hold a Maverick title in their hand? :)
  16. My Former 1992 Miata

    My Former 1992 Miata

  17. My former Toyota FJ Cruiser

    My former Toyota FJ Cruiser

  18. My former Jeep Wrangler JK

    My former Jeep Wrangler JK

  19. My former Jeep YJ

    My former Jeep YJ