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  1. 25 MPG for Maverick EcoBoost 2.0L AWD, 1 MPG Less Than FWD

    I teach it... but my would be having to buy another bigger truck to tow a smaller camper.
  2. Air Compressor for Bed Compartment

    I have ryobi that that same thing just different color.
  3. Ohio Roll Call

    It does take 5-6 weeks after build before it gets to dealership.
  4. Bronco issues, will Maverick have them too

    Mine has a 10 year 200000 mile warranty.
  5. 📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    We could do the hook horns sign haha.
  6. 📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    Depending on how long as in if it into next summer and still haven't got a build date I might drop the order and order a 2023 ranger.
  7. Dealer purchase contract question

    i have never bought a new car let along order one but I mean in Indiana is refundable so they legally cant keep your money.
  8. 📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    If any of us in indiana around indy get one forst we should try to have a meet up likw the jeepers so we can all see one in person. My sells guy said he would let me know if they get a trainer and I will pass that information along as well
  9. 📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    Yeah i so. My in laws are from there.
  10. Tonneau, did you order one?

    When I ordered I could not get the soft roll up. What date did you order?
  11. 📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    Yeah I order from on of the bigger dealerships Group in Indiana. It not skin off my back the longer the bigger the downpayment but I just have to keep my old 02 honda running till it gets here.
  12. 📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    the whole process is so insane to me as there appears to be no way to understand who gets pulled to be built and who doesn't.
  13. Dealer purchase contract question

    Yeah that what I would try to do.
  14. Dealer purchase contract question

    I went in put down a 1000 dollar refundable deposit. I then meet with the sales manager and build my truck. I was shown prices of everything I was ordering...MSRP and price I was paying.. Then he hit submit. After that we talked a bit about random stuff and I went and checked out the Bronco...
  15. Dealer purchase contract question

    the unique part was the cost i'm buying. I will be paying inventory price on the truck and all things on it because of a sponsorship agreement.
  16. Dealer purchase contract question

    Why would you sign a purchase contract...Serious question I haven't heard of dealers doing this mine told me up front other then a price...i am under a kind of unique situation (purchase price) that nothing would be final or required until I get the truck and decide I want it. At that point I...