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  1. Manual Transmission. If it was offered, would you choose a Standard?

    Im a 34 year old millennial, my first 2 cars were manual transmissions and I really liked them. But when sitting in traffic it's not fun grinding away my clutch every 5 feet. And gas mileage on automatics has been better for over 10 years surprisingly. If I bought something to play with on my...
  2. Confused on status of build

    At least you have confirmation from Ford that they plan to build a truck for you :)
  3. I drove a Maverick, and I liked it!!

    Only 90ish degrees of steering? Sounds like an arcade wheel :ROFLMAO:. I can't wait to feel the steering for myself, sounds interesting.
  4. Fellow Oregonians - Where will you go on first Road Trip?

    Probably drive out to the bend area as my first real trip
  5. Serramonte Ford Rep Here to Answer Maverick Questions

    Don't worry about it too much. Those priority codes are only relevant compared to other orders from the same dealer. As long as all of their orders are priority 19 it will not matter.
  6. FORScan for Maverick? Any users, thoughts? Tips/tricks?

    I've been looking at forscan for the last week or so. My guess is because this truck uses sync 3 several options will be available immediately. I'm on the fence about buying a OBD2 to usb adapter just to play with it. It's a 50$ gamble so not huge, but not insignificant either.
  7. Cannabilizing Ranger sales, or not?

    I wouldn't bet on the 1400lb payload. The fully loaded Lariat yellow stickers I've seen are closer to 1270lbs. That's what I'm getting too btw. Still not a bad number for such a small pickup.
  8. Order questions

    You seem to have an identical order to me. Only differences being color and dealership. Good luck to both of us :D
  9. 2.0 Engine Cooling options confusion

    From the beginning I figured that my money for the fx4 package was going towards skid plates, and the 4k towing was everything else. Look up after market skid plate prices for other trucks such as the ranger, I think it's a reasonable price. In fact every option I have added on from the...
  10. Dealer asked me to sign a purchase agreement with NO pricing filled out

    That sounds like good advice. It's really great your employer provides you with access to a lawyer, and I always agree with giving people the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise.
  11. Dealer asked me to sign a purchase agreement with NO pricing filled out

    If you haven't given them a deposit maybe call other dealers in the area and ask them if they can take over the order. This dealer sounds like they are being a real problem for you. Did they ever give you a price other than the Dora?
  12. Co-Pilot360 question.

    I really like the ACC on my subaru impreza. The lane keep warning is annoying sometimes, but it's really just when I'm crossing over a line I technically shouldn't be. There just happens to be a spot on my commute that it makes sense to do that almost every day. I'm very interested in the...
  13. Hybrid Maverick showing 37.4 MPG + rear seats folded w/ headrests removed (pics)

    Everyone is so freaking tall! Am I going to be able to see over the hood at 5'7"? :ROFLMAO:
  14. Is my price set?

    Definitely. but you aren't buying the vehicle from Ford, you are buying it from a dealer. That dealer can change the price anytime they want until the final paperwork is filed. That being said I wouldn't expect them to change the price, but I would expect them to add things like paperwork fees...
  15. Is FordPass Rewards Visa Card worth getting before purchase of Maverick???

    Whatever the max amount is, sounds like free money to me.
  16. Todays perception of power

    I definitely expect it to be far more sporty than my 2017 impreza. After accounting for the heavier vehicle I calculate 60% higher hp than I have right now.
  17. Is FordPass Rewards Visa Card worth getting before purchase of Maverick???

    Looking at the rewards credit card I can't say I'm very impressed. You get 1$ for every 20 points you spend. It's very similar to my Amazon card, except that gives me cash back. I might get this card to use exclusively at the Ford dealer and then use points to reduce the cost of maintenance...
  18. Todays perception of power

    Sure, but expectations have gotten larger as well. How much did the trailers back then weigh? And the trucks themselves? Power to weight ratio and total gear ratio is very important to give good comparison.
  19. Alto Blue Lariat FX4 Maverick Trainer Pics. Lots of Measurements / Dimensions Taken

    It's a tool backpack, it keeps getting heavier all the time :ROFLMAO:. It'll just have to live in the bed once I get a cover.
  20. Alto Blue Lariat FX4 Maverick Trainer Pics. Lots of Measurements / Dimensions Taken

    Yes! Finally someone got the measurements I wanted. Unfortunately I think it's too small for my backpack :(