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  1. Eagle11

    Stuck "In Production"

    When I took the F-150 tour we were told that for it to be moved to "Built" it needs to be ready for shipment, I'm betting once the EPA released the #'s your meter will be moved to "Built."
  2. Eagle11

    Ordered a week ago but haven't received order confirmation email

    Call the 800# they can place it in the system for
  3. Eagle11

    50 MPG in 50 Miles for Hybrid Maverick says Levine

    It calculates both, ICE and Elec but he must have been hypermiling to get those numbers.
  4. Eagle11

    Stuck "In Production"

    I just posted how Ford builds them, others have posted their window stickers of Hybrids if you are in doubt call the 800#. That is your best source.
  5. Eagle11

    Stuck "In Production"

    There are multi-steps that happen when a Mavericks goes "into productions" it's in a queue I have posted about this before. Ford makes vehicles in lots. Ex: Color, model, options. So Cyber Orange, Hybrid, XLT, then options. I took the F150 tour a few years back and this is how it was...
  6. Eagle11

    Stuck "In Production"

    Not true, they are being built, they are not being released for transport, waiting on the EPA#'s
  7. Eagle11

    Making changes to your order AFTER you are already at Priority Code 02

    Why would you want to change, code 2 means it's in line for production. When I spoke with people on the 800# they have seen many Mavericks with Spray in bedliners (like mine) move from 10 to 2.
  8. Eagle11

    Latest 2022 Ford Maverick Order Guide (September 2021) - U.S. & Canada

    It could be a type in the package, but it does say that Co-Pilot is part of the Lux package and no where does it take off the price...
  9. Eagle11

    Latest 2022 Ford Maverick Order Guide (September 2021) - U.S. & Canada

    It's been posted on this forum many times. When you say "can't get info" like?
  10. Eagle11

    Detailing suggestions

    That is why I'm taking it to the pro's and have it done.
  11. Eagle11

    Fully Electric Maverick EV hint dropped by Ford??

    How many people have just gone to the dealership and ordered and not place a reservation?
  12. Eagle11

    Dash cam

    All of our cars have a Nexar Beam. It's a forward-facing dash cam, love the features, unlimited storage for free on the cloud, if you brake hard, it automatically saves the clip, GPS.. Great price too.
  13. Eagle11

    Detailing suggestions

    My plan is to get the truck clay bar, have the orange peel taken out and ceramic coated, I'm getting Cyber Orange and the Ceramic coat will make the color really pop.
  14. Eagle11

    Serramonte Ford Rep Here to Answer Maverick Questions

    What is the number of confirmed orders for the Maverick?
  15. Eagle11

    ARIZONA - Dealer Talk

    Have you heard of the term Lost Leader before? For example, Ford dealer places an ad in the newspaper. 2021 Escape SE $20,500 you call the dealer, they tell you YES we have the car, you get to the dealer in 15 minutes speak to a salesman, the salesman goes "gets the keys" he returns and says...
  16. Eagle11

    Fully Electric Maverick EV hint dropped by Ford??

    Ford is dumping cars, for SUVs, they need something to bring people into Ford and I think the Maverick will do that. I disagree with the representation, it's just a sample, and most people 50+ who responded stated that they do not need a huge truck and once the Maverick hits the streets and...
  17. Eagle11

    Deciphering “in production” status

    In production means it's being scheduled to be built. Once the app goes to 'Built" your Maverick has rolled off the assembly line, went through final inspection, and waiting to be transported. The factory will place orders in sequence according to model, color, and options. For example, On...
  18. Eagle11

    Latest 2022 Ford Maverick Order Guide (September 2021) - U.S. & Canada

    7-7-21, call the 800# they will tell you everything that is happening with your order. I do not truck the dealer...