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  1. Ford dominance is amazing

    With the Rav4 representation in the rankings combined with North America thirst for trucks Toyota has a real opportunity in front of them with a Rav4 pickup. Come on Toyota!!!
  2. Pop up campers great for Maverick 4k tow

    There has been lot of banter on what camper can be towed with Maverick. Here is a video showing some great pop up campers that would be perfect with the Maverick 4k tow package. I started with a pop up and loved them. They are great for the outdoor oriented RVers who just need a base camp...
  3. Leitner Design rack for Maverick coming early 2022

    Well worth the price. I tried to save $700 and went with a Yakima the first time. Will not do that again. 2 SUP boards and a Canoe snapped it on the backroads. Limits off road dynamic weight 400 On road dynamic weight 800 Parked static weight 1400
  4. Leitner Design rack for Maverick coming early 2022

    For those looking for a high quality rack with lots of flexibility and expansion Leitner is hoping for early 2022 launch of their ACS rack system for the Maverick. Count me in! Good Morning Mike, Yes, we have plans to release the ACS Forged for the Ford maverick hopefully beginning of next...
  5. Raised white letters on tires coming back?

    My buddy and I were talking about the Maverick last night and since the true compact truck is coming back we started wondering if the raised white letter tire will come back with Maverick owners. I remember seeing the old Chevy Luv/S10 and Original Ranger etc running raised white letters all...
  6. Making the Most of Your 4.5' Truck Bed

    Going with XL version and use savings for higher quality Leitner rack system and nicer RTT. Will build the drawer system after seeing what the bed can become. Something like this but scaled down to Maverick level Will still be able to use the bed for home depot runs, etc
  7. Rival Dad with Honda Ridgeline

    Watch out. He’ll still be driving his Ridgline with zero problems and a quality riding experience when you are on your 2nd maybe 3rd Maverick. Disclaimer: only partly joking
  8. Next Generation Ford Ranger Teased in Torture Test Video

    Was listening to an Overland podcast and they commented the new Ranger was being built on a world platform so the design will be the same throughout world and share parts when possible. Since Ford will be expanding the economies of scale maybe a lesser price point may appear.
  9. Frontier’s are starting to show up

    Drove one last night since I am choosing between Frontier and Maverick. They have really improved the ride and look. Base crew cab 4x4 for $32,000 is a strong contender. Add in standard options that Ford nickel and dimes you for is nice My dealership will haggle because they are after...
  10. Does anyone recall how cool dual fuel tanks use to be?

    I do. Dont know if it will trickle down to the Maverick but you can replace oem fuel tank with larger ones with most trucks aftermarket I switched out my Tacoma 21 gallon tank to a 35 gallon tank a few years ago. Camping buddy switched out his Truck to 55 or 60 gallon tank. You can drink a...
  11. A message to all Ford employees who are members in this forum

    Tried and true sales rules: 1. Overpromising and underdelivering is the kiss of death. 2. You only have one chance to launch a new product correctly. Yes there is a shortage of stuff in the world right now, the supply chains are fluid, its the new world etc etc etc. These problems were known...
  12. How long before you give up?

    Wow. No need to get your panties in a bunch. I didnt vote, only commented. Move on!
  13. Hybrid Maverick orders will not be scheduled until further notice - per dealer bulletin

    Ford has some explaining to do. They ramp up the PR/Marketing blitz about a truck under $20,000 (Not true) and that it comes standard with a hybrid motor (Not making it til further notice) What does that mean? They may need to go into prevention mode sometime soon. They are really pushing...
  14. How long before you give up?

    None of the above. Not an early adopter. Will wait to see what kinks show in Maverick once it hits the general public/mass production and see what other manufacturers enter the market. Are you listening Toyota. Rav4 compact truck anyone? Or a model based on first gen tacoma?
  15. Fighting over options with spouses?

    No fighting on cars for us. It is one of the items we dont share. She wanted a green Outback with tan leather. Presto it is in driveway Truck is all mine. She will direct me on which colors not to chose. IE alto blue, black or silver. Ok with me. Red it is!!!!
  16. How long do you keep your vehicles?

    I dont go above a $300/month car payment on a 5 year loan for a car Once the repair bill/time in shop/convenience is greater than $300/month will look for another auto Our Hondas and Subarus have made it 12-14 years of our ownership but they both had 3 years already on them Im hoping a Ford...
  17. Truck Colors & Soft Top Combinations (mockups)

    Both bestop and Softtoppers roll up. With the softtopper you can add a rack for those that have canoes, kayaks or roof top tents. It will be interesting to see what they offer for the Maverick. I loved mine when I had my GMC truck. Softtoppers is planning on making one for the Maverick...
  18. Aftermarket plans

    No worries here. I have lived in the South most of my life My Maverick on blocks in the driveway/yard will be no problem at all for a couple of weeks
  19. Aftermarket plans

    Thanks. Ill move it to last on my list and head up through the forest rds of TN and Ky (Daniel Boone Forest and Red River Gorge) to Ohio and camp along the way!