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  1. Didj

    VELOCITY BLUE Maverick Club

    Compiled some stuff to make a Velocity Blue XLT video. Thanks for all of the photos. It makes me happy to think I will have this…eventually.
  2. Didj

    Question about XLT with Luxury Package Voice Commands

    I have a Car2Play adapter for wireless  CarPlay. It’s OK, but buggy at times. I go back and forth between plugging in and going wireless. I find myself needing to charge my phone in my commute so it doesn’t bother me to plug in.
  3. Didj

    VELOCITY BLUE Maverick Club

    I want my truck…
  4. Didj

    Scheduled Production vs Supply Chain

    If we have received a production date, does that take into account parts for the build and will be be safe from supply chain issues? Or, are they just estimating that they will have the parts on hand for our scheduled build?
  5. Didj

    25 MPG for Maverick EcoBoost 2.0L AWD, 1 MPG Less Than FWD

    This IS my build. (Except mine is in velocity blue and has a moonroof) I ALWAYS use the moonroof!
  6. Didj

    4K Tow & FX4 duplicate equipment?

    I’m interested in these answers as well.
  7. Didj

    2.0 Engine Cooling options confusion

    I will be waiting for the answer to this. Thanks for asking!
  8. Didj

    Am I crazy for putting in a different order now?

    I did that exact thing yesterday…scheduled today. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Didj

    📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    I saw on the Long MacArthur Tech Tuesday that tonneau builds were at 0%. However, I also saw that XLT Lux packages were at 14%…mine got scheduled. I’m a lucky 14%er.
  10. Didj

    📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    I ordered in July but I had been on the fence between the 2.5 & 2.0. I decided on 2.0 and changed it yesterday at 3:00PM CST. I got to add some things, I think I will be happier.
  11. Didj

    📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    I thought I would include the details of the build. XLT Velocity Blue 2.0 EB AWD XLT Luxury Package 4K Tow Package FX4 Package Co-pilot 360 Rear Sliding Window Moonroof Floor Liners
  12. Didj

    📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    I received an email this morning for a 10/25 build. Woo Hoo!!
  13. Didj

    News From Ford Mexico 09-02-21 - Recent Chip Shortage At Maverick Plant

    This would be no different than Apple updating the iOS in its devices. Each iPhone (car in this case) would have a build number. Then, the updates would happen automatically based upon their build. It’s a simple if/then command.
  14. Didj

    Interior orange vs black pieces

    In time, I am sure you could purchase the black inserts at the parts department and switch them out.
  15. Didj

    Fighting over options with spouses?

    My wife is cool with whatever I want. I started out wanting the Hybrid XLT Lux. However, since then I have considered the 2.0, FX4 4K. This is NOT to try to get the truck earlier, but rather to get the extra towing capacity and MAYBE more longevity for the vehicle. I LOVE the idea of the...
  16. Didj

    How long do you keep your vehicles?

    I keep my vehicles as long as I can. My 2017 Civic is a wonderful car but I HATE how low it is. When I saw the Maverick in person I was excited about its height and the ease of getting in and out of it. I went with hybrid and I am patient enough to wait until more hybrids are being built...
  17. Didj

    Anyone reconsidering their order / purchase?

    I love Hilton Head!
  18. Didj

    working on a build..

    Cool! I didn’t know how that worked. Thanks for clarifying.