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  1. Luchie64

    Maverick scheduling upcoming week (of 9/13) for production build weeks 10/18, 10/25, 11/1 and 11/8

    Being a optimist, can this be approx. 22,000 cars produced in these 4 weeks? 800 a day x 28 days? I hope they can squeeze in some hybrids. 🤞
  2. Luchie64

    So Cal discounts?

    Getting mine at Hemborg Ford in Norco, CA at MSRP. Maybe a Ford Family & Military Discount, don't know until we get to financing. 🤞 Hybrid XLT Lux CG 360 Rear slider
  3. Luchie64

    Maverick Memes - fun diversion while we wait

    … but can they land on a moving runway ⚓️
  4. Luchie64

    What are you trading in / selling for your Maverick??

    Selling my 2004 F-350 diesel, I don't pull big trailers anymore, and its a big truck to drive daily back & forth to work, (16-17MPG) it's was perfect timing that the Maverick came along as I was looking for a smaller truck (Got to have a pick-up for the home projects) XLT/LUX Hybrid Cactus Gray...
  5. Luchie64

    Be aware of the Tailgate Weight Rating

    That's just stupide.
  6. Luchie64

    Mavericks Total Height and Overall Size?

    I’ve mentioned that before. 😂
  7. Luchie64

    SHADOW BLACK Maverick Club

    As a proud owner of a Black on Black Mustang GT, she does take a lot of care and attention to keep her pristine, but she is a garage queen, and not my daily driver. ;) Love it!
  8. Luchie64

    Why no LED DRL's on XLT?

    No Lights on at all in these pics
  9. Luchie64

    Hot Pepper Red Maverick vs Rapid Red F-150 - colors and size comparison look

    Great size comparison shot, with average size people standing next to the Mav, not the giants we always seam to see. LOL
  10. Luchie64

    Sunny CA

    Riverside county & it’s still hot 🔥
  11. Luchie64

    CACTUS GRAY Maverick Club

    Cactus Gray for me!
  12. Luchie64

    2022 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Ordered 7/5/21, 2.5L Hybrid, XLT w/ LUX & 360, Cactus Gray, Protective Film, Rear window slider... Going to save a ton of fuel money being from California.