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  1. Sweet Willie

    Do you think they will let my GF buy mine ?

    When I asked about my wife's truck order the dealer said that I could buy it with no problem and that he would have no problem selling the truck I ordered.
  2. Sweet Willie

    News: First Edition Maverick should see scheduling in September/October (Rapid Red available for Nov. production)

    Life goes on and I wait for "that email" just wait and wait and wait... And periodically have my wife talk me off the ledge over my choice of Rapid Red.
  3. Sweet Willie

    What Tools are you going to carry in your New Maverick?

    About half of what is found in the local Harbor Freight Store just down the road from here.
  4. Sweet Willie

    Battery life expectancy for hybrid Maverick?

    My wife's 08 Prius had almost 200k miles on the original batteries and was still going good when my son got rid of it last month.
  5. Sweet Willie

    why is there a 12 volt battery in the hybrid

    Interesting, thanks for posting.
  6. Sweet Willie

    Poll For Maverick Color You Ordered!

    I ordered the color you did not mention.