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  1. SHBGuerrilla

    Before Maverick, what were you looking at?

    Would have probably been looking at buying a used 2010-2015 tacoma, but honestly for the price and the custom order, accidentally drooling over an electric f150 landed me in a pretty nice place with the mav. Although I got the 2.0 instead. The only limitation is that when ever I buy a boat I...
  2. SHBGuerrilla

    Build numbers based on vin

    14518, here. 25OCT build date. I think the limiting factor will be if they can ramp up hybrid engine builds.
  3. SHBGuerrilla

    Gun rack / storage

    I know a few people got in trouble because we had shotguns and shells to go dove hunting after school. That was probably 2012/2013. Things started getting a lot stricter after that.
  4. SHBGuerrilla

    📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    Full disclosure, I TRIED to change my order to the lux package or drop the bed all together but my dealer wasn't having it. Everything had been "locked in" for over a month. I'd given up hope altogether only to be pleasantly surprised today.
  5. SHBGuerrilla

    Order placed

    Best of luck my guy. May the odds be in your favor.
  6. SHBGuerrilla

    📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    I ordered around 22JUN2021. I was among those first few weeks of initial orders.
  7. SHBGuerrilla

    📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    Scheduled for production! Ordered 22JUN2021 25OCT2021 XLT Cyber Orange AWD FX4 4k Copilot 2.0L Ecoboost WITH stand alone spray in bed liner!!!
  8. SHBGuerrilla

    Article: Most Over-Rated Vehicles: Maverick & Santa Cruz

    Whether or not it is truly overrated is besides the point. It got clicks and was spread to a message board highly invested in the topic. Another success, at the end of the day.
  9. SHBGuerrilla

    Paint color, can’t decide!!!

    Go all out on the colors with the Cyber Orange then go with the painted black wheels if they're available in your trim. I fell into the historically grey and silver car crowd, so I'm trying to mix things up a lot. Although I admit the white looks pretty sharp, if you can keep it clean and...
  10. SHBGuerrilla

    What Tools are you going to carry in your New Maverick?

    Survival gear in case I get stranded, i.e., space blanket, knife, axe, fire starters, hobo-fishing gear,etc... a spare set of winter clothes when applicable as well as immediate first aid that might be relevant to vehicles. Chest seals, tourniquets, gauze and bandages, whatnot.
  11. SHBGuerrilla

    What are you trading in / selling for your Maverick??

    Just junked my 2000 Subaru Legacy today. The exhaust had broken clean in half about at the center console area, the brakes started failing Sunday, and worst of all, the rear windshield wiper died. Also, I left the windows down before a typhoon over a year ago and it's never smelled the same...
  12. SHBGuerrilla

    Anybody doing light trails in Washington State?

    I'm expecting to use it on just about everything short of rock crawling. Sand, mud, ice and snow. It's going to be my daily driver but it's also going to pull deer and boat duties and taking trips to go skiing. I probably won't be off roading, if for no other reason than not wanting to damage...
  13. SHBGuerrilla

    Current Maverick Regional Commodities

    It seems like they were shooting for the first time truck and eco-conscious market after they axed their sedan sales, but fell face first into success with the "tired of big, gas hungry truck" crowd. I just hope they're reliable and over time inexpensive to maintain.
  14. SHBGuerrilla

    “Best” Exterior/Interior Color Combinations

    I'm on team XLT cyber orange with fx4 unique wheels. It'll hopefully match with the stitching and everything on the inside. As for taste, well, I obviously don't have any because I'm quite happy with the interior trim myself. Weird cubbies and all.
  15. SHBGuerrilla

    Bed tent recommendations for Maverick?

    Some people aren't fond of snakes and bugs, or being a perfectly rolled burrito for a curious bear. Not that it would help the latter, it may provide some peace of mind. I admit I'm still on team on-ground, but if your spouse or someone you care about is still being weaned off the camp grounds...
  16. SHBGuerrilla

    Does the back seat fold down?

    Shame there aren't a series of those FITS adapters behind the seats to get creative with the seats folded down.
  17. SHBGuerrilla

    Which Maverick trim model did you get and why?

    2.0L XLT in Cyber Orange w/ fx4,4k, and 360 and a spray in liner. I need something I can haul a boat or take into the muddy mountain trails to go fishing and hunting. But at the same time, I don't want people calling me to move their couch or 80 bags of concrete all the time. Sometimes being...
  18. SHBGuerrilla

    2022 Maverick Gets Standard "FITS" Tether System - With Accessories From Ford or 3D Print Yourself

    I figure realistically if you've got the time and energy you could probably make your own accessories the old fashioned way with wood or metal. Stain or paint it to your desire. I agree about the apparent finish on the accessory package. Seems a little tacky. Id use it if it came free, but I...
  19. SHBGuerrilla

    Late Availability Options Per Latest Order Guide: 4K Tow, Splash Guards, Bed Tray Liner, Bedliner Drop-In, Bed Divider Kit, Rear Cross Bars, Rapid Red

    How lovely, it seems the spray-in is back in the game, unless I'm missing something. It would also corroborate some information I got from my dealer. Be still my beating heart. There is hope yet.
  20. SHBGuerrilla

    Spray in Bedliner possibly delay order scheduling?

    I emailed in about trying to drop my spray-in liner and replacing it with the luxury package to get the extra mcguffins and speculated priority after I didn't get the email this week. Was told that "the factory already picked it up and we are not able to change it...Locked in should have a vin...