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  1. NewBernWolf

    Maverick video segment from San Diego Fox 5 News

    I was shocked they didn't tell us about the 1 liter bottle holder. 😃
  2. NewBernWolf

    Upgrading 400W inverter possible?

    We'll use it to charge the batteries for assorted tools, our laptops, my electric toothbrush when we're camping and for the air mattress inflator. Things like that. Is it super useful? No. Will we use it? Sure.
  3. NewBernWolf

    Manual Transmission. If it was offered, would you choose a Standard?

    Your doctor is likely smart enough to google how to change a lightbulb. And your doctor's children (and your own) are coding the software that run their games. Don't be dismissive of useful 21st century skills. I don't know how to shoe a horse OR rebuild a transmission, but I know how to search...
  4. NewBernWolf

    GPS trackers installed by lenders

    If you navigate from your vehicle, the vehicle is being tracked by one or more entities. If you have a phone, your phone connection is tracked. If you log into social media or a forum or Google, your location is tracked. It's just nearly impossible to avoid all of that without deep hermit...
  5. NewBernWolf

    Raleigh/Triangle NC Dealership Maverick Tracker

    We drove over to Raleigh with a friend to take a look at it up close today. We liked it even more than expected. We also got a look at the truck bed (but not the truck interior).
  6. NewBernWolf

    Bronco issues, will Maverick have them too

    What "lots of issues" are those? And why has nobody heard about them?
  7. NewBernWolf

    I do not like the First Edition Hood Decals

    Interesting take there. It's so easy to blame everything on 'kids these days,' even though they're the ones creating and designing all kinds of things my generation never imagined. And I'm pretty sure the buyers of the First Edition Mavericks will turn out to be mostly people over 50.
  8. NewBernWolf

    📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    Yes. Our 3 doors down the street neighbor's hybrid is scheduled for next week.
  9. NewBernWolf

    Bumps and potholes - AWD vs FWD rear suspension

    Who knows? Unless one person drives the two of the exact same vehicles - except one has independent rear suspension, and the other has torsion beam suspension, it's pretty hard to make an impartial comparison. They'll both handle potholes and bumps though. Otherwise, it wouldn't be safe to sell...
  10. NewBernWolf

    News: First Edition Maverick should see scheduling in September/October (Rapid Red available for Nov. production)

    Yes please! I periodically have to talk my spouse off the ledge over his choice of rapid red, which he loves. Today's was a "What if if there's never a rapid red First Edition? Should I just change my order right now to... (something he doesn't even want)?" You give me hope.
  11. NewBernWolf

    Raleigh/Triangle NC Dealership Maverick Tracker

    Searching for it now. Which Facebook group?
  12. NewBernWolf

    Does anyone recall how cool dual fuel tanks use to be?

    I've been driving since 1970. I can't think of any reason at all why I would want two tanks.
  13. NewBernWolf

    Back seat folding design

    You'd be surprised how many of us have at least casually thought about what we'd need to modify to use the Maverick as our get out vehicle before a hurricane.
  14. NewBernWolf

    Back seat folding design

    And another 1 liter water bottle, I hear. 😃
  15. NewBernWolf

    Ordered but not sold Mavericks. What happens to them?

    It's pretty obvious, from comments and videos, that sales people ordered Mavericks and Broncos. My husband and I each ordered slightly different Mavericks. Without question, dealers intend to beef up their stock this way.
  16. NewBernWolf

    Raleigh/Triangle NC Dealership Maverick Tracker

    Thank you for the time you're putting into this. We appreciate it.
  17. NewBernWolf

    Thinking ahead -- Are the batteries in the hybrid consumer replaceable?

    Hotter than what? I live in the sunny humid south. I don't have a garage. I have Toyota 'ultraleather' seats in black. I expected to have to cover the seat with a towel in the summer, and I was pretty surprised to discover that I could hop in the car, wearing shorts, and just sit down all summer...
  18. NewBernWolf

    Thinking ahead -- Are the batteries in the hybrid consumer replaceable?

    Anecdotally, I know a lot of people who drive hybrids. Many of those hybrids now have significantly more than 100,000 miles on the battery. None of those people has ever replaced that battery. Even if you were super unlucky, and you did have to replace the hybrid battery at 120,000 miles, by...