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  1. Brian_J

    Production Maverick XL delivered to dealer!

    How are you checking the rail transit of you maverick?
  2. Brian_J

    What are you cooking/grilling tonight?

  3. Brian_J

    Farm Bureaus offer $500 off Maverick (not applicable if using X-plan)

    I’m one of the many that are purchasing out of state. Did anyone ever get an answer to which farm bureau we need to join? The one in my home state? Or the one from the state I'm purchasing in?
  4. Brian_J

    How to find in-stock Mavericks at dealers near most of you.

    All the mavericks I’ve seen listed as at dealerships have been in transit still. Best to check w the dealer before driving to see one.
  5. Brian_J

    Why carpet floor mats for the front row only?

    You could go to your local pull a part and grab some from another car for cheap. Or Walmart. Or possibly the dealer itself (from another car). The rear mats in my ‘17 focus were just small rectangles. They did not extend under the front seat. Those would work in the back of the maverick I’m...
  6. Brian_J

    FX4 & 4K item duplication and lacking info?

    The shorter final drive of the 4K tow package should equate to snappier performance off the line.
  7. Brian_J

    FX4 & 4K item duplication and lacking info?

    If you look around you can find the different final drive ratios listed but I don’t know them off hand. And if I remember correctly, the ownders manual Does list the capacity of the 4K package radiator as being bigger.
  8. Brian_J

    FX4 & 4K item duplication and lacking info?

    Trans cooler, different gear ratio, and the trailer brake are specific to the 4K towing package only. if you order 4K & fx4, I’ll assumeyou get the 4K towing gearing since it’s shorter than what comes with the fx4, and this works for both packages.
  9. Brian_J

    Detailing suggestions

    Does chemical guys make a proper, pro level ceramic coating? Or is it ceramic infused spray on stuff? im thinking about performing a 1 stage polish after delivery. I’m not brave enough to have it wet sanded to remove all orange peel though!
  10. Brian_J

    Turtle wax hybrid solutions pro flex graphite paint and plastic?

    i haven’t used the specific products you asked about. I have used the turtle wax hybrid solutions ceramic polish and wax a few times (linked to below) and have decided to give the bottle away. While it looks nice for a few days, it doesn’t bead water as well as I expected it too, and a film...
  11. Brian_J

    Motorcycle riders, let’s see your ride.

    2017 R6. Almost stock.
  12. Brian_J

    Subframe Connectors

    I’ve had a similar thought. In the Miata world, Flyin Miata makes their “butterfly brace” which is a bolt on reinforcement brace that attached to the bottom of the car and stiffened it up. Something like that could possibly add a bit of strength to the unibody chassis.
  13. Brian_J

    Build numbers based on vin

    Wow! I’m scheduled for Oct 4th, with # 10949!
  14. Brian_J

    Gun rack / storage

    I think your best bet would be if someone came out with a safe that replaces the under seat storage bins in the rear. As a side note, I noticed that there was a second safe listed as a Ford accessory (in addition to the console safe) on the list provided by Tim bartz the other day. Maybe that...
  15. Brian_J

    Ohio Roll Call

    I’ll be happy to forward my sales contract after I take delivery in (I think) November. Seriously, this is why people hate car dealerships and salespeople.
  16. Brian_J

    well...I guess I'll do something else.

    Maybe you’ll be able to mine the ore to build your own Maverick on one of those planets…
  17. Brian_J

    What are you towing with your Maverick?

    What is this trailer? I’m curious. Make and model plz?
  18. Brian_J

    What are you towing with your Maverick?

    Thanks. My first bike was the Hot Lava Monster 620. Then I went into a blue Monster 1100. Started doing more track days and a lot less street riding so I traded that one in on the r6. It’s fun, but I wish I had that m1100 still to take on my trip to deals gap next week!