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  1. vabchusa

    Maverick Financing Guaranteed Approval Program [Valid Until March 31, 2022]

    I just paid off my last Ford.......6 year 0% interest and my payments were less than what I saved when I refinanced my home.........SO FREE CAR.........LOVE free money. I charge everything I buy and pay it off when credit card bill is due plus I get cash back for charging.
  2. vabchusa

    50 MPG in 50 Miles for Hybrid Maverick says Levine

    I have a 2015 Ford C max that had a 42/37/40 combined mpg with 166000 miles on it now and have an average of 41.6 mpg since new. This was the vehicle that Ford had rated at 48 mpg orginally and had to pay buyers almost $ 1000 for bad advertising.
  3. vabchusa

    Latest 2022 Ford Maverick Order Guide (September 2021) - U.S. & Canada

    Nav is avail thru "Andriod Auto and Apple Play from your phone" Can also use other mapping programs such as Wayz
  4. vabchusa

    Tailgate lettering on ALTO BLUE

    Mine is going to be rapid red so thinking black letters if I decide to highlight
  5. vabchusa

    Anyone Considering Leasing a Maverick?

    Leasing is only good if you are a low mileage driver. If you go over leased miles it will cost you both arms and legs. Some leases get over $1 per mile extra. I drive about 25000 a year so buying is the only viable option.
  6. vabchusa

    Stolen XL Base Model from Dallas Dealer Event

    FOR SALE.......Here's your chance to become the very first Maverick owner. Not available at any Ford dealer in the country. Low miles. Showroom new. $50000 firm
  7. vabchusa

    Hybrid Maverick In Production Status! Window Sticker Generated But Not Showing EPA MPG Yet

    Officially the FIRST RETAIL Maverick is set to be built starting the week of 9/13.
  8. vabchusa

    News: First Edition Maverick should see scheduling in September/October (Rapid Red available for Nov. production)

    I believe it was said that the tonneau cover constraint ONLY pertained to the stand alone option and would not hold up the packages it was a part of.
  9. vabchusa

    News: First Edition Maverick should see scheduling in September/October (Rapid Red available for Nov. production)

    Maybe my chevy sacrifice worked after Next week a Toyota will be on the block.
  10. vabchusa

    Ford Says No Maverick Hybrid Delay. Will Be Available at Launch [Updated With Mike Levine Tweet]

    IMO I think the problem with hybrids may be the eCVT transmissions. Ford made a big deal that 169 units were delivered in July and not one word about them since
  11. vabchusa

    What are you towing with your Maverick?

    Will be towing one of my 2 personal hovercrafts, about 750 lbs max. I have an identical green one like this. I just towed this red one 1150 miles with my Cmax hybrid with a 2.0 engine, no problems.
  12. vabchusa

    New Week!!! New Thursday!!! Anyone using 4-Leaf Clovers or VooDoo, etc.

    I have Marie LeBeau working on a magic potion. Worked for love potio. #9.
  13. vabchusa

    Aftermarket plans

    Pretty lame for me. Just Weathertech floor liners, in channel window deflectors, maybe mud flaps and hood deflector. Possibly clamp on removable roof racks.
  14. vabchusa

    RAPID RED Maverick Club

    I have a 2015 Cmax with 164000 miles on it in Ruby Red, wash it once in a while (usually carwash) and still looks like it did when new.
  15. vabchusa

    RAPID RED Maverick Club

    Exactly my build. I want it now!!!!!!!
  16. vabchusa

    News From Ford Mexico 09-02-21 - Recent Chip Shortage At Maverick Plant

    I have read somewhere that there are about 1700 total chips in the Maverick. Mine is being held up by PAINT color not chips.
  17. vabchusa

    It's Thursday!!! Any Notifications?

    I sacrificed a Chevy to the rising sun this morning, hopefully this works.
  18. vabchusa

    Center grill chrome section wrap or trade

    Check out Rust-O-leum "PEALABLE PRIMER" spray it on and then use any Rust-O-leum color you want over it. Didn't come out like you wanted or want something different, just peal it off and do it again.
  19. vabchusa

    Great pop-up truck camper for Hybrid ?

    Check out this double tent cot. Set it on your 2x6 cross members sideways. Sleeps two from Yescom and available at for about $300.