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  1. I drove a Maverick, and I liked it!!

    Did you read what they wrote?? It said: The F150 always felt more like a car than a truck and the Maverick feels the same to me, an elegant ride.
  2. Chicago Maverick (soon to be) owners

    Ordered 7/21 Build week 11/01/21 Lariat/Cactus Gray/AWD/Luxury/Co-pilot360/Full size spare/Hemi 390 H.P. package (One of those isn't true)
  3. Received "Built" email! My Lariat should arrive 10/22-28

    CONGRATZ!! Where did you get that arrival date, or were you just guestimating?
  4. Confused on status of build

    NEVER an email from Ford regarding this purchase? You definitely should have received a confirmation email directly from Ford. We all got one shortly after placing the order. I got mine the next day. Some people even got them before they left the dealer's lot. Something's wrong somewhere! Call...
  5. Tailgate lettering on ALTO BLUE

    There goes that idea! I was going to suggest you remove the tail gate, have the letters cut out by laser, then have a transformer cut in so that you could fill in the letters with neon lighting. To protect the neon, you’d install a small piece of plexiglass. Power would come from the 110v outlet...
  6. Tailgate lettering on ALTO BLUE

    Improve gas mileage? Will the radio, the power windows, the power brakes? The tinted windows, the carpeted floors?
  7. Tailgate lettering on ALTO BLUE

    I agree. I’d avoid Maaco and Earl Sheib
  8. Tailgate lettering on ALTO BLUE

    Think outside the box while thinking INside the box. Do what YOU like debadger. Get the letters filled in and the tailgate painted Alto Blue. If I was a debadger, that’s exactly what I would do. Put your big boy pants on and make it the way you like!
  9. Scheduled Production vs Supply Chain

    Short of some goofy change— It’s official. They have the stuff
  10. Hybrid Maverick retail orders to resume scheduling this week! (9/13) - per dealer bulletin

    Know what I wonder? I wonder how many people had a needless stroke and bitched and moaned all week for nothing. Now shut TF up and wait--Crybabies! FYI- I'm just as anxious as everyone else. Just wait until you hear from them and stop whining!!!
  11. Maverick scheduling upcoming week (of 9/13) for production build weeks 10/18, 10/25, 11/1 and 11/8

    I'm sorry. I think my question wasn't made clear. The dealer sets the priority code between 10 and 19, 10 being the best. I totally understood that. What I'm trying to figure out is what happens after that. WHO looks at the sales made and decides: *I'm going to schedule Joe's Maverick. We have...
  12. Stolen XL Base Model from Dallas Dealer Event

    You can find it in the back yard at the home office of the Sinaloa Cartel. I think the head honcho gave it to his daughter. You have the tit
  13. Stolen XL Base Model from Dallas Dealer Event

    He’s going to have to hide it for a few months. Might be easy to spot driving around
  14. Does anyone else want front tow hooks on their Maverick?

    So there MIGHT BE more than cutting out bumper and attaching
  15. Does anyone else want front tow hooks on their Maverick?

    Does anyone know if cutting out the bumper and attaching the hooks is all that’s needed? Are there provisions the FX4 models might have that may not be there to accommodate the hooks?