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  1. Don Morris

    Thinking ahead -- Are the batteries in the hybrid consumer replaceable?

    My 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid is still on its first battery, and it is the older nickel metal hydride. The newer batteries are lithium based and should have better conditioning software, so I'm not worried.
  2. Don Morris

    How long do you keep your vehicles?

    Retired at the end of 2015. I put less than 8000 per year on since. Currently have about 62k on a 2012 Fusion Hybrid.
  3. Don Morris

    How long do you keep your vehicles?

    With the exception of severe mechanical problems (a couple of used cars that lasted 2-3 years, 1 new pickup that lasted 3 years), and 2 cars that were totaled by actions of others, I tend to keep cars for 6+ years. My current car was built 10 years ago this week, though I bought it new in July...
  4. Don Morris

    Portable Battery Jump Starters

    I've used one on my Fusion hybrid several times before replacing the 12v battery. No problems.
  5. Don Morris

    Did you order Moonroof option?

    First Edition, moon roof is included. I will probably use it on nice days.
  6. Don Morris

    2022 Ford Maverick Myths Busted - by Tim Bartz

    I was wondering if you could find out what seems to be keeping First Edition build to be held up. I like the information you provide in the videos, but haven't seen anyone addressing this topic. Thanks.
  7. Don Morris

    Will Maverick First Edition be produced before other models / trims?

    It would be nice if Ford would tell us, so we’d know not to get our hopes up every time scheduling rolls around. I wouldn’t cancel my order, but it is frustrating that there appears to be no communication about why this particular grouping is not being included in the scheduling.
  8. Don Morris

    Will Maverick First Edition be produced before other models / trims?

    The way it looks so far, the question should be: ”Will the First Editions be produced?” So far I haven’t seen any indication of any being scheduled for October.
  9. Don Morris

    Will this be your first Ford Maverick?

    My first car was a 1975 Maverick, that I bought used in 1977. It was red.
  10. Don Morris

    Battery life expectancy for hybrid Maverick?

    They don’t list Ford products. Which other would be the closest for comparison?
  11. Don Morris

    How many of you already own a hybrid vehicle ?

    2012 Fusion Hybrid, bought new in 2012, And still driving it.
  12. Don Morris

    CARBONIZED GRAY Maverick Club

    I ordered Carbonized Gray, because I like the color, and it was (in my opinion) the best color available for the First Edition. Others will have a different opinion, but everyone's taste is different.
  13. Don Morris

    Age of targeted Maverick Buyer

    I'm 60, am replacing a Fusion Hybrid I bought new in 2012. Need to be able to haul things from warehouse stores, etc for a food pantry I work at and the Fusion is a bit on the cramped side for that. Was looking to get a small pickup for a while now, and this one seems ideal for my purpose...
  14. Don Morris

    2022 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Ordered on Jun 13 (officially the 14th...13 was Sunday). Carbonized Gray First Edition. Never got a direct email from Ford, but got a copy of the order sheet (with order number) and order verification from the dealer, showing Ford received my order. Submitted my info for the list today.