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  1. groovesocket

    Ford Accessories list for 2022 Ford Maverick - available now for ordering 🛒

    I know that DIO means "dealer installed option" but what do the other acronyms mean - GFA, FLA, FPP, DC, PC?
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    The Texas Mavericks!

    I hope so.
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    Alto Blue Lariat FX4 Maverick Trainer Pics. Lots of Measurements / Dimensions Taken

    Well the rim is the same size, 17", making it a full size spare. The width and depth are smaller dimensionally, and the rim is not the same as on the truck so it won't match. You and everyone else will know you have the spare on the truck. I wonder if the spare is rated for full use or temporary...
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    new listings, anyone understand this None are hybrids. I ordered from Mac Haik but I don't see my order listed. I ordered a cyber orange hybrid XLT. No orange Mavericks listed.
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    Ford Accessory Parts List For 2022 Maverick

    FYI... I was curious so I looked up some of these accessories. Voxx rear seat entertainment: The Yakima awning: NOCO jump starters: Thule roof...
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    CYBER ORANGE Maverick Club

    I believe those are the standard XLT wheels. 17” Painted Aluminum Wheels.
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    What are you trading in / selling for your Maverick??

    I'll be trading in my 2020 Jeep Gladiator. It doesn't fit in my garage and the gas mileage is terrible. And I'm not an off-roader. The Maverick is better suited to my needs.
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    The Texas Mavericks!

    The Maverick will be my third orange vehicle. My other orange vehicles were a 2000 Mazda MX-5 Miata and a 2003 Nissan 350Z. It's been my favorite color since I was a kid.
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    The Texas Mavericks!

    Happy to see other Cyber Orange Texas Mavericks.
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    The Texas Mavericks!

    My sales guy is Shaun M.
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    Hybrid Order Support Group

    I didn't know there was Maverick Marketing line! What's the number?
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    The Texas Mavericks!

    That's the same dealer I ordered mine from. Who is your sales guy?
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    Hybrid Order Support Group

    I'd like to join the hybrid support group. 6/15 order confirmation, cyber orange XLT Lux, moonroof, hard rollup tonneau, floor liners w/o carpeted mats, manual rear window, co-pilot 360. I have a 2020 Jeep Gladiator, so I'm not in need of a vehicle. But that said, I'm eagerly awaiting my new...
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    Impressions and Answers From Dealer Training Today [Maverick XLT FX4]

    Thanks for checking. I appreciate it. This is great news. It makes my day.
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    Alto Blue Maverick XLT FX4! + Black Wheels, Suspension, Undercarriage, Skid Plate, Glovebox, Rear Cupholders, Legroom

    Does that double arrow sticker on the visor mean that it extends all the way to the B pillar? 🙏
  16. groovesocket

    Impressions and Answers From Dealer Training Today [Maverick XLT FX4]

    Thanks @CoryDallas8123! I would like to know if the sun visors can be extended along the side window to block sunlight all of the way to the "B" pillar to block the light for the driver or passenger?