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  1. FLAirGunner

    Depreciation- How much will a Maverick lose in value when you drive it off the lot ?

    I just sold my 2016 Chevy Colorado to Carvana for $3000 more than I paid for it new back in 2016! I was also told that if I ended up not wanting one I ordered, they would just put it on their lot, increase the price by $3000 and sell it off their lot. So, yes, at this point, I think you could...
  2. FLAirGunner

    Co-Pilot360 question.

    A friend of mine has lane keep assist on their Lincoln, he loves it, says it forces his wife to actually use the turn signals! :p
  3. FLAirGunner

    FORD ACCESSORIES Parts & Website for 2022 Maverick Officially Launches 🚀

    That would be the rack I'd be interested in!
  4. FLAirGunner

    FORD ACCESSORIES Parts & Website for 2022 Maverick Officially Launches 🚀

    I'm pretty sure they are showing 2 different racks, one is clearly adjustable and has a different base than the other.
  5. FLAirGunner

    FORD ACCESSORIES Parts & Website for 2022 Maverick Officially Launches 🚀

    Two observations, either one is promising! The roof rails sit lower than the antenna, we have a couple paddle boards we would like to haul, this could be a problem. Where is the Yakima bed rack? They list the side bars and tool holder, but not the rack itself. Plus, the rack shown with the...
  6. FLAirGunner

    Maverick Dealer Brochure?

    I got one last week when I stopped by my local dealer in FWB, they had a stack of them sitting with the rest of the brochures. It didn't look like they were trying to hide them!
  7. FLAirGunner

    Ranger argument is getting old

    The Ranger isn't really an option for me. We need a vehicle that can be flat towed behind an RV, the Hybrid Maverick can do that, in any trim level. In order to flat tow a Ranger, we'd need a 4X4 with the selectable transfer case that has a neutral setting. That adds a lot of weight to the...
  8. FLAirGunner

    Getting real tired of the $20k truck argument. ..rant

    They had to leave something for the Lariat to entice us to spend more!
  9. FLAirGunner

    Should You Get the Rear Sliding Window ?

    I like it for the ventilation and have had one on all the previous trucks I have owned. That being said, they were all either single cab or extended cabs and I could reach it from the drivers seat. I don't think that would be possible in the Maverick, but then have not sat in one to see. The...
  10. FLAirGunner

    Ordered but not sold Mavericks. What happens to them?

    I was told they'd just jack the price $3000 and put it on their lot for sale! This was a dealership in Panama City that told me this. Makes sense if there is such a demand and someone doesn't want to wait for their order to arrive. There are always people with more money than brains... I...
  11. FLAirGunner

    Hello fellow Floridians!!!

    I was going to order some accessories as well (Bed extender & Mud Flaps), but quite honestly, once these start rolling off the line, the aftermarket parts developers are going to be all over them and it won't take long for them to have aftermarket parts available at a lower price, and possibly...
  12. FLAirGunner

    Getting real tired of the $20k truck argument. ..rant

    I've not ordered yet, I'm old school and prefer to purchase from a dealer lot. I also have a huge aversion to paying full MSRP for any new vehicle, never have, and don't really want to start now! Based on that and all I'm learning from all info available on-line, I'm leaning more toward...
  13. FLAirGunner

    Hello fellow Floridians!!!

    SgtLip, Will do, still transferring the funds from our local Bank to USAA, but once it's there, I will be contacting our Finance guy to see what he can do. Bret, I stopped by there on Wednesday and spoke to Jim Kempton, he's who told me they were getting the 1st edition in Oct. I asked him to...
  14. FLAirGunner

    Hello fellow Floridians!!!

    Navarre, FL here, so far have not placed an order. Gary Smith Ford in FWB is supposed to be getting a 1st Edition around the 5th of October, so will take a look and then decide what to order. I'm currently leaning toward a Hybrid lariat in Alto Blue with the Luxury Package. Gary Smith Ford...
  15. FLAirGunner

    ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    Yep, my wife has a Nissan Morano and this is also a social experiment for us. I retire in 2 years and we want to see if we can make it on one car. I was shocked with what Carvana offered. I tried selling it on FB for what they said was a fair price and all I got was a bunch of negative...
  16. FLAirGunner

    ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    This is the color we will be ordering. Our local dealership is supposed to get a First Edition on their lot on October 5th, so after doing the old school, look, touch, feel, drive thing, we will probably place an order if we can. If not, it may be next year. It will be replacing a Colorado I...