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  1. Maverick scheduling week of 9/27 for production build week 11/22

    I ordered 6/10 priority 10, still priority 10 as far as I know, I have not heard anything different
  2. Where's everyone from the Southwest?

    Mesquite, Nevada. Rapid Red First Edition Hybrid
  3. News: First Edition Maverick should see scheduling in September/October (Rapid Red available for Nov. production)

    That's me. Rapid Red hybrid first edition. Is that a light at the end of the tunnel or an oncoming train?
  4. 🧭 Track Your Maverick Order by VIN + Order Number [& Get Your Window Sticker]

    OK I did input what information I have this afternoon. Sure hope to get more soon.
  5. How long before you give up?

    I said 1 year, but I will be counting from 6/10/2021 when I placed my order.
  6. Hybrid Maverick orders will not be scheduled until further notice - per dealer bulletin

    Being as I am a Ford Retiree (19 yrs. now ) I can tell you the problem is that FoMoCo uses a "just in time delivery" system for its parts. So any disruption in the supply chain ripples down the chain to the assembly lines. I witnessed this right after 9/11. We were out of stock but a few miles...