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  1. Ribwich

    I drove a Maverick, and I liked it!!

    Are you now over 6' tall? How tall were you before you test drove?
  2. Ribwich

    Discover Your Ford Program for Maverick Begins October 6 (Livestream Q&A and Virtual Tours)

    Just a quick trip down to Mexico required. You think they'll mind me sitting inside while it's on the production line?
  3. Ribwich

    Before Maverick, what were you looking at?

    I was looking at used F-150s. $20K+ for one with $70K miles, generally, and 5 years old. Some were even more pricey and with more miles. Made it really hard to justify.
  4. Ribwich

    Mavericks now hitting "In Production" status on Ford tracker. Has Yours?

    Noticed this today Mine is one of the few where I never got a build date sent to me and I had to call Ford and my dealer to get the VIN and date which was week of 9/13.
  5. Ribwich

    2022 Ford Maverick Lariat Walkaround - Cyber Orange and Alto Blue

    I think everyone who sits in a Maverick gets stretched to between 6'1" to 6'4".
  6. Ribwich

    Skeptical and wondering ....... Feels like Seinfeld and the Car Rental Counter ....

    Yes but I think they are just telling people to go to the dealer to order. Just skipping a step. Maybe I'm wrong.
  7. Ribwich

    Starting off the New England region

    I went the other way. I started with a near bare XLT and added on until I hit my value limit.
  8. Ribwich

    SELF CUSTOMIZING - $$$ less than commercial adhesive stick-ons

    It has an Evo X on the can. It must be better!
  9. Ribwich

    Hybrid Maverick 2.5L Test Drive / Ride Video. Achieving Almost 40 MPG

    That 2.0 EB FWD has probably got some torque steer to contend with. Especially in the wet.
  10. Ribwich

    Maverick at dealer on 23rd, any picture requests?

    1324 lbs for the cargo rating. Are they taking into account the bed extender and the cover? Wondering why it's that low.
  11. Ribwich

    Starting off the New England region

    I didn't get the production date email, but I called Ford customer service and they gave me a VIN. I checked with the dealer and gave them the VIN. They told me my build week was 9/13. I'm able to track the VIN online and was able to link it to my Ford account.
  12. Ribwich

    Maverick FX4 off-road capability?

    Why is clearance a question? From the spec sheet: Note that AWD is with the 235/65/R17 wheels.
  13. Ribwich

    Red rear turn signal not easy to see

    There's a weird phenomenon with controlling LED lights where flashing them at certain rates causes them to be perceived as brighter. Not only is duty cycle control a common way to dim / brighten perception of LEDs, but the method actually makes people see them as brighter than solid on. So you...
  14. Ribwich

    🔋 Hybrid Maverick Lux Showing 34.5 MPG and 1,478 Lbs Payload Sticker

    Some of the best A51 photos I've seen. It looks awesome here.
  15. Ribwich

    Any fun vanity plate ideas for your Maverick?

    I have some options I've been working on: MINIMAV F105 TINYRCK (TNYRICK not available)
  16. Ribwich

    Velocity Blue Maverick XLT + Hybrid 2.5L Engine Compartment Underhood Pics

    The door pull part is hard, the elbow rest is softer.
  17. Ribwich

    First look at footwell air vents on floor under Maverick front seats

    P133 mentions that some air may always blow from the footwell vents. To quickly heat the interior they suggest turning the heat and fan to max and directing air to the footwell vents, so it seems like the range goes from very low to high and they may not turn off completely.
  18. Ribwich

    2022 Maverick bed length with tailgate down = 78 3/4” - 79" Inches (Tape Measured Dimension)

    Was this measurement taken at sea level? Air pressure and the local effect of gravity can slightly misalign the bed or measurement device. Please also refer to your astronomic weather map to verify if any rogue quasars happened to be passing within 10 million solar radii.
  19. Ribwich

    Area 51 XLT FX4 - Impressions, Photos and Size Comparison vs Lexus CT200h (w/ soft roll up tonneau cover)

    Ooh, this one's very close to what I ordered. On some cars this is an add-on piece called a "gurney flap"