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  1. Lappo424

    Sirius XM options

    Cancel it... Stern became what he hates...
  2. Lappo424

    Wheres everyone in The Great White North?

    Have you ever met the hitman
  3. Lappo424

    Rival Dad with Honda Ridgeline

    I'd prefer the Honda just not the Honda price tag.
  4. Lappo424

    Does Maverick remind anyone else of Scion?

    Can you still say retarded?
  5. Lappo424

    Co-Pilot360 question.

    The truck comes with standard copilot features that give you the discount The 500 dollar copilot does not
  6. Lappo424

    Co-Pilot360 question.

    You don't need it if you can check your blind spot
  7. Lappo424

    Quiet Thursday????

    He must be a lucky man
  8. Lappo424

    Ford Says No Maverick Hybrid Delay. Will Be Available at Launch [Updated With Mike Levine Tweet]

    Ford needs more news like this to cut down on the speculation like here at da club.
  9. Lappo424

    Mavericks now hitting "In Production" status on Ford tracker. Has Yours?

    I saw some orders are now on step 2 of the Ford production tracker. Wish mine was one. Anyone's change?
  10. Lappo424

    Can’t wait on the MAV

    Yeah not easy. I need to buy it in jersey and no dealers have one in stock
  11. Lappo424

    Installing Rear Window after sale?

    Yeah that's what I thought. The sliding window in the Mav is so small
  12. Lappo424

    Installing Rear Window after sale?

    I know they would have to replace the entire glass to put a rear window in but do people do that? I have never been a fan of the one that comes in the maverick.
  13. Lappo424

    How would you transport a 14' kayak or long pieces of lumber on a maverick?

    Looks like they are on the way go factory to build our trucks
  14. Lappo424

    Trim swap?

    I just sent you a pm. I'm over in jersey and my xl is scheduled to be built 10/4
  15. Lappo424

    Can’t wait on the MAV

    I'm thinking of an escape plug in hybrid for the tax benefits
  16. Lappo424

    OFFER NOW CLOSED - 400 ORDERS!!! - THANK YOU!!! - 4% under invoice with @dealersider

    You can try ed at the philly chapman store if they are not there in horsham. I know he is there and they are offering the same deal . call or text him at (215) 932-3148
  17. Lappo424

    Should You Get the Rear Sliding Window ?

    I opted out for it on my xl because they made you add the 360. I saw the window in person and it's pretty useless to use as a pass through. If I got the xlt or higher I say get it for 155
  18. Lappo424

    XL Ford Maverick (no add-ons)

    Nope but that's what I ordered