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  1. 7.7 million fewer vehicles made this year

    My man ps5's are fairly easy to get now. Just follow the twitter accounts that give updates
  2. They say Bronco worth the wait. Will Maverick be also?

    If someone offers me 30k over what I pay for my Maverick they can have it
  3. Hybrid Maverick In Production Status! Window Sticker Generated But Not Showing EPA MPG Yet

    December 22 is the end of fall... Fall doesn't start until september 22 fwiw. That's why he was specific with that date.
  4. Where is the order number?

    I'm pretty sure you can't track your order until you get a VIN
  5. Ohio Roll Call

    Well that's not really Ideal for me... I was hoping more spring time so that I could save up for a higher downpayment... guess we'll see. I just ordered two weeks ago so I'm sure mine will be awhile
  6. Would you trust Ford more if they let us know more about what, when, and why?

    This wasn't just about OP's post I've seen plenty of people saying "just give me more communication give me an estimate or something" OP isn't saying this but plenty are I was just hijacking the thread more than anything
  7. Would you trust Ford more if they let us know more about what, when, and why?

    This. People don't understand manufacturing much. They can't give an estimated time range that people want. So much stuff can happen between now and the range estimate they give
  8. Bronco issues, will Maverick have them too

    There will be issues but I really haven't heard of bronco or bronco sport owners having "lots of issues" most i've seen are from people using a lift
  9. Does anyone recall how cool dual fuel tanks use to be?

    What if I'm young and have to pee every three hours?
  10. Hybrid Maverick orders will not be scheduled until further notice - per dealer bulletin

    If it's 2022 fine as long as my car now holds out. I'll be first in line for a 2023 model then maybe I'll get a bigger screen and more features. This is the vehicle I want I'm willing to be as patient as possible as long as my car now holds up. I'm in no rush
  11. How long before you give up?

    I'm willing to wait. I think my car will be last me for another year to a year and a half. I'm not stressed and if I do need a new one I'll just get a bronco sport. This is my first choice but I ordered anticipating it wouldn't be here until may. Worst comes to worst i get a 2023 model and...
  12. Are you paying Added Dealer Markup (ADM) on your Maverick?

    They refused to give me a quote but I did get a paper trail of them saying MSRP - x plan discount so we'll see if they decide to go back on it. I will not pay markup. I'll just go back to Toyota
  13. Mavericks now hitting "In Production" status on Ford tracker. Has Yours?

    Mine changed from non existent to order confirmed. Here's to waiting 6-8 months lol
  14. Ranger argument is getting old

    I don't tow and the longest thing I put in my car is a hockey stick. It'll fit diagonally in bed. I'll save on gas and on price. Maybe someday I'll get an electric truck but I'm tired of getting 21 miles a gallon on my car
  15. Fighting over options with spouses?

    Lol this is exactly what mine said "If you're gonna get a truck don't get a bitch of one" were her exact words
  16. Can’t wait on the MAV

    My 03 is being held together barely too. Hoping it can hold for another 6-8 months
  17. Fighting over options with spouses?

    my wife hates thinks the maverick looks hideous but doesn't care how much I spend. I'm more frugal than anything so just went with the XLT lux package Edit her exact words were "If you're gonna get a truck get a damn truck don't get that" pass I'll take my 40 mpg
  18. Video: 2022 Maverick Interior Explained

    Push to start would be nice... a wireless charging pad would be a cool feature. But I've never had either so it's not like I'm missing out on much! I ordered the XLT today and if I can't stand the cloth plan on just getting it reupholstered. Definitely saving money this way and can get a...
  19. OFFER NOW CLOSED - 400 ORDERS!!! - THANK YOU!!! - 4% under invoice with @dealersider

    I ordred through them this week too.. They mentioned a nonrefundable deposit once the car gets built but its refundable to that point... I guess I need to check with them if they are doing CD's he did mention i had to set up my own delivery and mentioned uship... but my deposit will just be...