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  1. TruckGal

    Maverick scheduling week of 9/27 for production build week 11/22

    I am getting the exact same package and color. Still hoping for November with an order confirmation of June 9th.
  2. TruckGal

    📬 9/23 Scheduling email received group!

    My order was confirmed July 9th. Seeing so many orders after mine I decided to check with my dealer. The order showed "Clean and Unscheduled" so no production holds on any of the equipment I ordered, but no Build Date yet. Lariat Hybrid First Edition Rapid Red I am trying very hard to be...
  3. TruckGal

    Ladies with Mavericks

    I am 71 years old and can't wait for my First Edition Rapid Red Maverick. The pricing, size and features check all the boxes for me. I have never ordered a vehicle before. We made an exception this time because we already know Ford makes great trucks and can do hybrids. We had an F150 that...
  4. TruckGal

    News: First Edition Maverick should see scheduling in September/October (Rapid Red available for Nov. production)

    I just switched yesterday to Rapid Red. Now I know why my dealer said this would be the last change. Very good news.
  5. TruckGal

    Ford Says No Maverick Hybrid Delay. Will Be Available at Launch [Updated With Mike Levine Tweet]

    That sounds a lot better than what we were reading into yesterday's memo. Can't wait!😁
  6. TruckGal

    Production build week delay: my order got pushed from 10/4 to 10/11

    I meant to say my was ordered June 9th and no build date.
  7. TruckGal

    Has the date been closed for ordering the Maverick?

    I am pretty sure it is not closed. My cousin ordered yesterday, July 20th, and I ordered a couple of weeks ago.