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  1. Hybrid Maverick orders will not be scheduled until further notice - per dealer bulletin

    The good news is that we will be getting 2023 MY instead of 2022 MY... đź’©
  2. The Levi’s shoes that inspired the 2022 Maverick Lariat's interior design

    That pair of shoes look nice.. The interior of maverick lariat is not.. The shoes have the brown/gold as stitch with navy being dominate.. the lariat seat has too much of the brown/gold.. maybe a little more dark with brown/gold as trim/stitches of the leather seat will make it look better..
  3. Lariat Tail Lights vs. XL / XLT difference

    Oh xlt taillight doesn’t look good.. maybe more reason to switch to lariat. Ahh
  4. All Colors & Trims on 2022 Maverick Lineup Photos (& versus F-150)

    What bed covering type is on the cactus next to white truck? It looks nice since it’s flush with the truck bed.
  5. Stock Window Tint

    I was at San Jose dealer and saw this XLT lux and can confirm that front side window is tinted or at least I thought it’s tinted. Not sure how much but it was tinted.
  6. Installing steering wheel cover on Heated Steering Wheel (of XLT Lux Package)?

    Do you want to switch with me? I'll get the normal non-leather wrapped steering wheel and would love to get leather steer wheel. =)
  7. Non-leather wrapped steering wheel

    Sorry typo. I have ordered without lux package. Thanks
  8. Non-leather wrapped steering wheel

    Hi, Does anyone have pictures or feedback of non-leather wrapped steering wheel? What does it feel like? I have leather wrapped steering wheels for past 3 cars and not sure what's the non-leather wrapped steering wheel is like. I have ordered XLT without lux package and now second guessing...
  9. Steel vs aluminum wheels - weight, handing, mpg?

    Is 2k saving worth the ugliness? :)
  10. Maverick uses same hybrid system as escape? Any 12v battery issues?

    thanks. I was worrying about the 12v issue. Some people said they had to switch out to a larger agm battery. thanks
  11. Maverick uses same hybrid system as escape? Any 12v battery issues?

    I was reading in some escape hybrid forum and saw many complaints about 12v battery issue for relative new cars. Is maverick using the same hybrid as escape?
  12. Steel vs aluminum wheels - weight, handing, mpg?

    So the consensus is that there’s no difference between factory steel and aluminum wheels? and if there is, it would be small to have any impact?
  13. Steel vs aluminum wheels - weight, handing, mpg?

    Would checking the car side sticker of xl and xlt be able to tell us of the weight difference?
  14. Steel vs aluminum wheels - weight, handing, mpg?

    Hi All Is there a noticeable difference between steel and aluminum wheels in terms of weight, handing, mpg when pair with hybrid engine? looking to get xl but heard somewhere that steel wheels are not good for mpg, handling, etc thanks
  15. Your Maverick Specs

    I was thinking is the aluminum wheel worth it? I was thinking getting xl and someone mentioned that steel wheels are much heavier.. 30lb more each wheel so about 120lb more with steel wheels. Is that correct?
  16. Purchasing a Maverick with Costco Auto Program

    Just wondering how can they have the VIN number with all the preorder going on? I've just talked to a Costco auto program customer service and they've basically refer me to the a local dealer without a pre-arrange costco pricing.
  17. Purchasing a Maverick with Costco Auto Program

    I went through the costco form and got this : The vehicle you selected does not currently feature prearranged pricing. However, we are currently working with our local dealer to secure pricing for the 2022 Ford Maverick XL. Prearranging low pricing for you is our top priority, and while it...