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  1. Maverick "Rattler" Off-Roading model hinted by trademark application?
  2. Cubby Dimension

    Single handily doing the Lords work for Ford here on the forum. What about the FITS measurements. Will be interesting to see what the 3D printer people will do with it as well.
  3. Truck camper sleeper for Maverick?

    How much overhang is allowed & also safe to avoid top heavy? Alternative: These have always had a nice look:
  4. Maverick will be at Chicago Auto Show July 15-19. Who can go?

    Chicago Auto Show: JULY 15-19, 2021 | MCCORMICK PLACE I'm sure there will be lots of reports from the auto journalist, but are there any local members who plan to go? 2022 Ford Maverick: Reviving yet another historic...
  5. Possible live color reveal?

    I think this may just be a recap of them watching & then commenting on the Ford MaverickClass Videos. They are probably going to watch & comment on this one today:
  6. Ordering without a test drive: Interior Space / Dimensions

    There is another video of a guy who is a bigger guy who says he has ok room, but I can’t locate it. Sorry.
  7. Ordering without a test drive: Interior Space / Dimensions

    Scroll to 2:10 for perspective from 6’3’’ Jeff Glucker @ autotrader
  8. The Maverick Interior Is CHEAP Hard Plastic

    100% agree. Give me the old simple interior layouts of the original Bronco, CJ’s, Scout, Land Cruiser & Land Rovers.
  9. Article: Why The Ford Maverick Had to Be a Hybrid The Ford Maverick Had to Be a Hybrid How Ford is restoring hopes of a mini truck renaissance with a little electric help. JUN 11, 2021 Ford, using a mix of imposed media embargoes, carefully metered press access and...
  10. What are you going to put in your "shrine" Cubby (space next display screen)?

    Looks like it is deleted when the sunroof is selected.
  11. This is going to be a big thing

    Cant wait to see what aftermarket companies they work with for the Off-Road/Overland crowd as well as the Lowered/Performance crowd. This thing should be all over SEMA hopefully this year, but more than likely next year.
  12. Maverick FLEXBED Features & Specs

    The team that designed & researched the bed options/capabilities just seem to have nailed every single thing. Only thing id add is some sort of secure retractable tonneau cover.
  13. Thank You Ford Maverick Team

    I should add...thank you Administrator! Killing it today.
  14. Thank You Ford Maverick Team

    I know that some of those people are on here so i just wanted to publicly say great job. You far exceeded what most of us thought this may be & went the extra mile. The details & options you are offering just shows the new mindset at Ford in all its new products. Thank you & job well done.
  15. Reservation Urgency?

    I'm still holding out hope that they offer the Ford Bronco version of something like this as an entry level small compact type for the Bronco brand in the next 10 years... FYI: This is from a Japanese customizer DAMD of the Suzuki Jimny from 2019
  16. Guess the Maverick Reveal Date

    Still no clue what this is/was, but i do know what this is/was... 42.3731434 -83.0666446 ...nice (y)
  17. Stupid Observation

    First let me say im guilty of this... Truck Buyers/Comment Trolls/Auto Enthusiast: "Can i go to the local home improvement store & throw some mulch/plywood/flowers/etc... in the bed of it" Is the equivalent of people on House Hunters: "Look at this deck/patio...i can sit out here & drink my...
  18. Article: I Regret To Inform You That The Ford Maverick Might Be Great. Targeting 110,000 annual sales volume

    Not sure if everywhere, but around here factories, parts suppliers, utilities, pool cleaners, pest control, supervisors for lawn/construction/etc... all drive older smaller trucks/smallest fleet truck they can buy.