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  1. WAherron

    Song game thread

    Get Me Through December - Alison Krauss
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    Song game thread

    King of New Orleans - Better than Ezra
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    Song game thread

    Crazy on You - Heart
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    Song game thread

    Glass Onion - The Beatles
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    Song game thread

    Reminiscing - Little River Band
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    Song game thread

    Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – The Police
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    Maverick Memes - fun diversion while we wait

  8. WAherron

    Fully Electric Maverick EV hint dropped by Ford??

    In my case, my dealer said they were unable to access my reservation. They said the system wouldn't allow it. We started with a brand new fresh build straight into an order. So I am not sure that my order is counted as a reservation conversion to an order. And how many instances has that...
  9. WAherron

    Before Maverick, what were you looking at?

    Santa Cruz. I loved the concept. But as spy photos started showing that it was just a Tucson with a small bed, I became less and less interested. In the interim before the Maverick spy photos were hitting the news, I was considering a 2021 or 22 F-150. But by the time I get it equipped with...
  10. WAherron

    3% Below Invoice on Ford Maverick at Granger Ford

    Heck, if I could take off from work to make the drive, I'd do it. Just for the adventure alone. Nothing like a road trip in your new vehicle.
  11. WAherron

    Does anyone else want front tow hooks on their Maverick?

    I was only responding from the OP's perspective. Which was that they ordered an EB AWD. The FX4 upgrade is nominal from the OP build. But I acknowledge your points.
  12. WAherron

    Cannabilizing Ranger sales, or not?

    As for myself, it didn't cannabalize me, as there is next to no chance of me buying the current Ranger. It's kinda fugly and dated looking. The moment I started seeing Maverick spy photos, I was very interested. And when the price point was announced, I was hooked However, it might have...
  13. WAherron

    Does anyone else want front tow hooks on their Maverick?

    Probably less expensive/easier just to add FX4 package to the build than buying an FX4 bumper and tow hooks and all the effort of doing it yourself. And God only knows when you can get a used one or aftermarket bumper. Get what you want/need now. You're ordering it.
  14. WAherron

    News: First Edition Maverick should see scheduling in September/October (Rapid Red available for Nov. production)

    Negative. And further supported that no builds have been scheduled with Tonneaus for quite a few weeks. Current constraint, confirmed by my dealer. That's why you've seen no First Editions scheduled, even without Rapid Red. It was the Tonneau Cover constraint. But that constraint might be...
  15. WAherron

    Can you make a change to Priority code 02 ?

    I have seen it said many times Priority Code 02 puts the vehicle in lock for changes. Perhaps the dealer can take that into inventory and place a new order for you? Not sure, but you probably would lose your place for that to happen. But they could put you at least at Priority Code 10 to bump...