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  1. Rival Dad with Honda Ridgeline

    Not sure what thread you're referencing, but I think this has been taken out of context.
  2. Rival Dad with Honda Ridgeline

    Which is a midsized vehicle.
  3. Hybrid vs Ecoboost for my use?

    If you have no plans to tow heavy or navigate off road, then there is really no reason to spring for the EB. Unless of course, you want more power.
  4. Rival Dad with Honda Ridgeline

    Still, a two-ton tug is pretty impressive for a compact unibody truck...
  5. Rival Dad with Honda Ridgeline

    At 3/4 ton payload, hardly a weak truck. Those of us that remember the old GM CK2500 platform, the Maverick has the same or better payload capacity, albeit with lower towing capability. It's a reasonable tradeoff for its convenient size and improved economy.
  6. Latest 2022 Ford Maverick Order Guide (September 2021) - U.S. & Canada

    Orders with spray-in bed liner (96G) are being scheduled for production at this time.
  7. 25 MPG for Maverick EcoBoost 2.0L AWD, 1 MPG Less Than FWD

    "Ford Maverick Hybrid 'Truck-Shaped Object' has Dismal Tow Rating and No AWD or Off-Road Capability" There....I fixed the title of this thread.... 🙄
  8. Co-Pilot360 question.

    I ordered it on my XL for two reasons: 1. Power outside mirrors 2. Sliding rear window (requires CP360)
  9. I do not like the First Edition Hood Decals

    I would think the dealer could remove it for you or you might even get them to not install it at the factory and simply store the decal inside the car for you. Dunno. Ask your dealer. We live in a world now where this next generation of car buyers needs stickers and decsls to express their...
  10. Am I crazy for putting in a different order now?

    A hybrid capable of towing 4K pounds would likely require RWD or AWD and a more powerful gas engine. Since RWD is not likely with this platform, AWD it would be. At that point, I can't imagine the hybrid having much of an advantage over the EB. Ford probably knows this.
  11. Spray in Bedliner

    Dunno. I ordered stand-alone spray-in bedliner on my XL and got scheduled today. 🤔
  12. 📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    Well, I need the tow package, so yes, that means I get an EB.
  13. 📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    I ordered 7/21! Are you regretting pulling the spray-in bedliner?
  14. 📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    It appears stand-alone bed liners are being scheduled for now.
  15. 📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    XL Carbon Gray Metallic 2.0 EB AWD 4K Tow Co-pilot 360 Rear Sliding Window Floor Liners w/Carpeted Mats Spray-In Bedliner